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Car seat test

Basic introduction

Product Range: Car Seats
Technical standards: Europe, North America, Asia
Clients: OEM and auto parts suppliers
With the increasing maturity of automobile consumption, consumers' requirements for automobile products have gradually increased, and people have increasingly higher requirements for the functionality and safety of car seats. So how do car seat manufacturers ensure that the seats they produce meet the requirements? To this end, Beitest provides a series of seat testing and certification services for car seat manufacturers, and Beitest Automotive Lab can perform various functional reliability testing services for car seats. For example: the stiffness and strength of the seat assembly, peristalsis, durability of vibration, durability of simulating human entry and exit, etc., to ensure your safety when traveling.

Service Content

Beitest Automotive Lab provides a series of functional reliability tests for car seats
Robot fatigue test, servo-cylinder fatigue test, bumpy peristalsis, H-point measurement, seat mode and natural frequency, 3D scanning, airbag burst, seat vibration noise, etc.
Laboratory accreditation
China CNAS, CMA; Germany DAP, DAkks, KBA; Netherlands RDW, etc.
Service applicable standards
National and automotive industry standards, such as "QCT740-2005 Passenger Car Seat Assembly"
Domestic enterprise standards, such as "Q / JLY J7110479B-2016 General technical requirements for passenger car seats"
European and American enterprise industry standards, such as "BMW PR 4301-4-2000 Seat noise"
Japanese and Korean enterprise industry standards, such as "ES 88000-10-Seats for Vehicle"
OEM approval
BYD, Nissan, Shenlong, Shanghai Volkswagen, Geely, Chery Jaguar Land Rover, Great Wall, etc.

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