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Israel SII certification

Introduction to Israel SII Certification

The abbreviation of SII Israel Standards Association, the full name is: The standards lnstitution of lsrael. All electronic and electrical products exported to Israel must obtain SII certification. Because Israel is also a member of IEECEE-CB, they recognize and can accept its IECEE-CB members. CB test report issued by the country.


以色列强制性认证中的“强制”需从多方面来理解,就以色列国家颂布的法令来看,所有的货物在进入以色列时必须由SII机构执行相应的货物检查,以确认货物符合以色列的国家标准要求。以色列“工业贸易劳工署”将此种认证程序叫做“presumption of conformity”,货物以批次进行检查,即每次输入的货物都要进行检查,上次检查所发出的测试证书可以用于下次货物检验时使用,但不能直接去代替此次的货检,只会缩短在货物在海关的停留时间,以便为客户节省部分的海关停滞费用(通常SII货检时间为40天左右)。

Applicable product range

Household appliances
Switches and automatic switching devices for cables, wires, instruments
Plants and joints
Lighting Technology Products
Adjust protection equipment
Low-voltage control device
Small power transformer
Welding equipment
Personal computers and laptops
Chemical supply
Small and medium engines
Measuring tools
Electronic equipment
Game console
Information technology equipment and office equipment
Cinematographic equipment and supplies
Radio communication, radio broadcasting, television equipment
Communication and fax equipment
Low-voltage equipment, high-voltage equipment
Electric heating equipment

Application process

2.Sampling test
3. Submit a test report
4. Factory counselling before factory inspection
5.Site review

Application materials

Manufacturers of electrical products, if they want to obtain approval for the marking of an electrical appliance produced by their factory, must submit a formal application including at least the following:
A. A brief description of the organizational structure of the manufacturing plant (wood map of the organizational structure);
B. Explanation of specifications and standards on which the product is manufactured;
C. Description of production equipment;
D. Description of inspection equipment;
E. If necessary, measurement calibration procedures and equipment description;
F. Explanation of quality control measures adopted to monitor consistent manufacturing and its quality control specifications;
G. If the products are not all manufactured in the applicant's factory, the manufacturing stage in the manufacturer's factory and by other manufacturers should be separately explained;
H. A list of test items that can be performed in the applicant's laboratory and a list of equipment available for these tests.

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