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Insulation material testing

Basic introduction

Beitest is a professional third-party insulation material testing agency with authoritative certification and can issue insulation material test reports. Provide testing services for the indicators of electrical properties, mechanical properties, thermal properties, combustion properties, and aging properties of insulating materials.

Testing services

Testing of insulation paint, impregnated resin and glue
Solvent insulation impregnating varnish / varnish and coating, solvent-free impregnating resin (including immersion resin, dripping resin, vacuum pressure impregnating resin, etc.), anti-halo paint, semi-conductive paint, enamel and cover paint, adhesive and resin, coating Powder, conformal coating, enameled wire lacquer, silk-coated wire lacquer and silicon steel sheet paint, pouring glue, encapsulating glue, casting resin, cement / putty, etc.
Resin impregnated fiber products
All kinds of fiber glued varnished cloth or tarpaulin, lacquered silk, anti-halo varnished cloth, anti-halo tape, coated insulated hose (paint tube), resin impregnated weft-free binding tape, resin impregnated conformable material (such as resin impregnated glass fiber Grid, etc.).
Laminate inspection
Rolled (wound) wound products, vacuum pressure-impregnated products and drawn products. Various laminates, various laminated molded tubes, rolled tubes and wound tubes, various molded rods, copper clad laminates / printed circuits. Plate, vacuum pressure dipped products, pull-out (pultrusion) products (such as pull-out rods, pull-out groove wedges, pull-out struts, and various squeeze-drawn profiles, etc.).
Rubber and plastic testing
Various thermosetting molding compounds, various thermoplastic molding compounds, plastic plates (thermoset and thermoplastic), plastic extruded tubes (including various insulated pipes, heat shrinkable tubes / belts, etc.), plastic molded parts (such as transformer blocks, skeletons, Terminals and insulators, screws, etc.), rubber and its products (such as conductive insulation rubber, cable materials, conductive and antistatic rubber and its products).
Mica products testing
Mica paper, soft mica board, shaped mica board, mica tape (multi- / medium / less rubber mica tape, film reinforcement and fireproof mica tape, etc.), commutator mica board, mica board for electric heating equipment, gasket Mica plate, mica foil, mica tube, mica conformable material.
Film, adhesive tape and flexible composite materials
All kinds of films (including rubberized and diamond coating films, metallized films, etc.), various adhesive tapes (thermoset / thermoplastic insulating adhesive tapes for various substrates), various flexible composite materials, resin-impregnated flexible composite materials ( Prepreg), photovoltaic power insulation materials (TPT components).
Fiber Products Testing
Synthetic fiber non-woven fabric, synthetic fiber paper (polyaramid, polyaramid, oxadiazole paper and paperboard, etc.), various types of fiber insulation paper (such as cable paper, transformer paper, capacitor paper, wrinkled insulation paper, steel Paper, aluminum foil shielded insulation paper, diamond-coated insulation paper, transformer interturn paper, electrolytic capacitor paper, semiconductor paper and antistatic paper, etc.), insulating pressboard and moldings, laminated cardboard, laminated wood.
Insulation oil and ester detection
Transformer oil, capacitor medium, cable oil, switch oil, various types of insulation grease (paste) / paraffin.
Electrical ceramics testing
Various electrical ceramics and electric porcelain materials and parts, cement insulation materials for electrolytic aluminum.
Insulation test
Medium and low voltage synthetic insulators, bushings, cable accessories, insulation boxes, bus frames / frames, junction boxes, spacers, brackets, terminals and fasteners and protective insulation, angle rings, split angle rings, equalizing rings, etc.

Test items

Electrical performance: volume resistivity, surface resistivity, insulation resistance, AC / DC / lightning pulse and electrical strength, breakdown voltage and withstand voltage and stun voltage, high temperature / low temperature under high temperature / low temperature / humidity / vacuum conditions / Humidity / vacuum and relative dielectric permittivity and dielectric loss factor at different frequencies, arc resistance, comparative tracking index (CTI) and tracking index (PTI), tracking resistance and corrosion resistance (high voltage slope Plate method), partial discharge starting voltage and discharge test, pulse discharge aging life test, electrolytic corrosion, leakage current and temperature rise.
Mechanical properties: tensile strength and modulus under high temperature / low temperature / wet, elongation at break, compressive strength and modulus under high temperature / low temperature / wet, flexural strength and modulus under high temperature / low temperature / wet, impact strength (simple support Beams, cantilever beams), shear strength (shearing of adhesives, shearing of laminates / tubes and prepregs, etc.), adhesion and bond strength, various peel and pull strengths, various tears Strength, torque, folding test, adhesion, hardness and stiffness.
Thermal properties: TGA thermogravimetric analysis, DSC differential scanning calorimetry analysis, DMA dynamic thermomechanical analysis, thermal expansion coefficient, glass transition temperature, thermal conductivity, melting and crystallization, load deformation temperature and Vicat softening point, dimensions after heat treatment Changes (heat shrinkage, heat penetration).
Physicochemical properties: flash point, melting point, density, relative density and quantitative or tightness, viscosity, electrical conductivity, pH value, acid value, Shawpel air permeability, Gley air permeability, permeability, pour point, freezing point, group Part analysis (burning test), gelation time and gelation time, chemical resistance, curing ability, water absorption (moisture content), water diffusion and wettability, wetting tension, storage stability, corrosiveness.
Combustion performance: horizontal / vertical combustion, glow wire ignition / ignition temperature and ignition, hazard test, glowing rod combustion test, oxygen index, hot wire ignition test, fire hazard classification caused by discharge.
Environmental test: low temperature test, high temperature test, high and low temperature alternation test, constant moist heat test, alternating moist heat test, vibration test, salt spray test, ultraviolet aging, low pressure test.
Aging evaluation: long-term heat resistance (TI) evaluation of insulation materials, heat resistance evaluation of insulation structures, long-term electrical / thermal aging evaluation of insulation structures, pulse discharge aging resistance evaluation of insulation materials and insulation structures, surface electrical aging evaluation of insulation materials, various types Evaluation of compatibility between insulating materials, heat resistance evaluation of EIS liquid and solid components, resistance to freon of insulating materials, lubricating oil and aviation oil, environmental aging test.

Testing standards

GB / T 10064-2006 Test method for determining the insulation resistance of solid insulating materials
 GB / T 10580-2015 standard conditions for solid insulation materials before and during testing
 GB / T 10581-2006 Test method for resistance and resistivity of insulating materials at high temperature
 GB / T 10582-2008 Electrical insulation materials Test method for determining electrolytic corrosion caused by insulation materials
 GB / Z 1094.14-2011 power transformers. Part 14: Design and application of liquid-immersed transformers using high-temperature insulation materials
 GB / T 11016.1-2009 Plastic insulated and rubber insulated telephone cords-Part 1: General requirements
 GB / T 11016.2-2009 Plastic insulated and rubber insulated telephone cords. Part 2: Polyvinyl chloride insulated telephone cords
 GB / T 11016.3-2009 Plastic insulated and rubber insulated telephone cords. Part 3: Polypropylene insulated telephone cords
 GB / T 11016.4-2009 Plastic insulated and rubber insulated telephone cords-Part 4: Rubber insulated telephone cords
 GB / T 11020-2005 List of flammability test methods for solid non-metallic materials when exposed to flame sources
 GB / T 11026.1-2016 Electrical insulation materials Heat resistance Part 1: Evaluation of aging procedures and test results
 GB / T 11026.2-2012 Electrical insulation materials Heat resistance Part 2: Selection of test judgment standards
 GB / T 11026.3-2017 Electrical insulation materials Heat resistance Part 3: Procedure for calculating heat resistance characteristics
 GB / T 11026.4-2012 Electrical insulation materials Heat resistance Part 4: Aging oven Single chamber oven
 GB / T 11026.6-2010 Heat resistance of electrical insulation materials-Part 6: Aging oven-Multi-chamber oven
 GB / T 11026.7-2014 Electrical insulation materials Heat resistance Part 7: Determination of relative heat resistance index (RTE) of insulation materials
 GB / T 11026.8-2014 Electrical insulation materials Heat resistance Part 8: Determination of heat resistance index (TI and RTE) of insulation materials by fixed time limit
 GB / T 11026.9-2016 Electrical insulation materials Heat resistance Part 9: Guidelines for calculating heat resistance using simplified procedures
 GB / T 1303.1-2009 Industrial rigid laminates for thermosetting resins for electrical purposes Part 1: Definitions, classifications and general requirements
 GB / T 1303.3-2008 Industrial rigid laminates for thermosetting resins for electrical purposes Part 3: Models of industrial rigid laminates
 GB 13398-2008 Hollow insulation tube, foam-filled insulation tube and solid insulation rod for live working

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