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Automotive interior and exterior trim testing

Basic introduction

Beitest provides automotive industry customers with automotive component safety and performance tests through a laboratory network to verify the comprehensive performance of various components. Automotive interior and exterior trim testing includes automotive interior and exterior trim environmental reliability tests, vehicle size, appearance, gray label, and vibration. Reliability testing, etc.
The evaluation of a product can not only be based on whether its function and performance are excellent, but also its various conditions. For example, in harsh environments, the reliability of its functions and performance, or the level of maintenance costs. In the automotive interior and exterior trim testing, products need to pass the harsh conditions such as high temperature and low humidity, low temperature and high humidity, and low temperature and low humidity, as well as tests for large components.

Service Content

The internal and external trim testing of Beitest Automotive can provide various environmental special industry tests, evaluations and analyses for OEMs and their first-tier suppliers, and issue related professional reports.

Scope of application

Car dashboard, center console, steering wheel, car door interior parts assembly, car roof, car seats, luggage, front and rear plastic (metal) bumpers, door handles, hoods, wipers, car lights, Scrub strips, etc.

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