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Ceramic inspection

Basic introduction

Professional ceramic testing and analysis services, for domestic ceramics, building ceramics, industrial ceramics, special ceramics, according to domestic and foreign testing standards, provide authoritative third-party testing reports.

Testing services

Ceramic Testing
Ceramic tableware, tea set, coffee set, wine set, rice set, ceramic crafts, etc.
Building Ceramic Inspection
Ceramic sheet, ceramic tile, ceramic plate, ceramic mosaic, ceramic tube, etc.
Industrial ceramic testing
Alumina ceramics, silicon carbide ceramics, lithium oxide ceramics, etc.
Special ceramic inspection
Arsenide ceramic, selenide ceramic, telluride ceramic, uranium carbide ceramic, etc.

Test items

Physical properties: gloss, whiteness, appearance quality, specifications, radioactivity, size and surface quality, modulus of rupture and breaking strength
Mechanical properties: stiffness, hardness, toughness, plasticity, compressive strength
Thermal properties: thermal conductivity, expansion coefficient, chemical stability, dimensional stability
Electrical properties: conductivity, breakdown voltage or breakdown strength, insulation resistance, dielectric constant
Reliable performance: acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, etc.
Chemical composition: element content, oxide content

Testing standards

GB / T 3389-2008 Performance test method for piezoelectric ceramic materials
GB / T 3300 Deformation inspection method for daily ceramics
GB / T 3301 Measuring methods for volume, caliber error, height error, weight error, defect size of daily ceramics
GB / T 25994-2010 honeycomb ceramics
GB 26539-2011 anti-static ceramic tiles
GB / T 2836-1998 Hydrostatic test method for ceramic pipes
GB / T 6569-2006 Test method for flexural strength of fine ceramics

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