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Automotive Electromagnetic Compatibility Test (EMC)

Basic introduction

North Test EMC test has accumulated a large number of component product test experience, including more than 50 kinds of automotive electronic components, including automotive instruments, air-conditioning controllers, car audio, navigation infotainment systems, body control modules, various types of lights, motors, and so on.
North Test has provided EMC testing services for hundreds of customers, including major domestic auto OEMs and their component suppliers.
Is a car safe? Is it good for human health? Electrical and electronic equipment plays an important role.
Qualified electromagnetic compatibility parameters ensure minimum interference between various electronic and electrical equipment. North Test provides a wide range of testing and certification services, such as electromagnetic interference, anti-interference, reliability and performance.

Service Content

The current electromagnetic compatibility test (EMC) covers the following items:
IEC CISPR 25, ISO 11452-2 / 4/8/9, ISO 7637-2 / 3, ISO 10605, ISO 16750-2
Main OEM standards:
B21 7110, VW 81000, GMW 3097, Q / JLY J7110779C-2017, NEV-STD-EE-0007_EMC_Components_v2 2_2016-04-28, BMW_GS 95002_2010-06_EMC, BOEGWARD 2800002-2016, BAS-582-2016, MBN_10284, Component EMC Specification_V1 .1_2015.07.27
We will conduct electromagnetic compatibility tests on automotive related electronic products and provide de-bug services.
The test contains:
Radiation emission RE
Conducted emission CE voltage method
Conducted emission CE current method
Power line conducted immunity
Capacitive coupling test of signal lines (CCC, ICC, DCC)
Radiation immunity-free field method RI
Radiated immunity--handheld immunity, high current injection--BCI
Magnetic field immunity test
ESD performance test
Electrical performance test

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