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Kenya PVOC certification

Introduction to Kenya PVOC Certification

According to the Kenyan government decree, the company's importer must obtain a COC (CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY) before going through customs clearance procedures with Kenyan customs. After the inspection is completed, the original COC certificate will be sent to the exporter by express mail. If you need to send it directly to the importer or other people, please clearly indicate in the remarks column of this application form.
Fill in this application form and its attached pages truthfully, correctly and completely, including relevant HS code, ICS code and other information. It is the applicant's basic responsibility to correctly report the product description and HS code. Failure to fill in the product description and / or HS code correctly will result in inconsistency of on-site inspection / testing and COC cannot be issued. The applicant will still bear the relevant costs and leave a bad credit record. Rectification and penalties will be required by Kenyan management.

Market access requirements

Kenya Standards Bureau (KEBS) began to implement the Pre-Export Standard Compliance Verification Program (PVoC) on September 29, 2005. Products in the PVoC catalog must obtain a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) before shipment and provide it to the Kenya Customs upon arrival, otherwise they will not be able to enter the country. If there is no special case of CoC, KEBS can decide to carry out inspection on the goods and impose a fine.

Three application methods

⑴ One-time customs clearance certificate: test for 1-2 weeks (if there is ISO9001 certificate, internal test report does not need to be tested), apply for customs clearance certificate for 3-5 working days. Inspection for a long time
Direct application for customs clearance inspection fee: FOB × 0.475% ≥180USD
注册 Customs clearance after registration: Time: 1-2 weeks for testing, 1-2 weeks for registration certificate, 3-5 working days for customs clearance certificate, half-day inspection. Cost is 375USD for 15 models, plus 20USD / model for more. The registration certificate is valid for one year. Inspection fee for customs clearance certificate application, FOB × 0.425% ≥180USD
(3) Formal approval certificate mode
Increasing factory inspection, the initial shipment will be strictly inspected, and then random inspections will be conducted afterwards. All products produced by the company need to be tested.

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