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Common rubber supplies testing

Basic introduction

Comprehensive coverage of rubber subdivision testing services, focusing on various performance indicators of rubber, according to various domestic and foreign rubber testing standards, providing you with professional, accurate and efficient testing services, integrating industry-wide resources, providing authoritative CMA / CNAS qualification Tripartite test report.

Testing services

Latex products testing
Latex pillows, latex mattresses, etc.
Medical rubber products testing
Medical silicone rubber catheters, medical hoses, pure rubber hoses, medical rubber stoppers, medical infusion rubber stoppers, butyl rubber stoppers, medical air cushions, sterilized rubber medical gloves, disposable rubber inspection gloves, artificial silicone organs, etc.
Daily rubber products testing
Rubber linings, sponges, rubber dams, rubber boats, life-saving supplies, ships, tents, warehouses, protective gear, bath clothing, plastic films, cultural and educational products, all kinds of ball bladders, table tennis racket sponge rubber surfaces, swimming irritability, toys Balls, pens, pens, rubber, rubber traps, rubber threads, rubber stamps, blankets, balloons, sponge pads, raincoats, hot water aids, loose purple belts, children's toys, inflatable rubber, etc.
Testing of shock-absorbing rubber products
Rubber fenders, rubber shock absorbers, rubber joints, rubber bearings, rubber feet, rubber springs, rubber pads, rubber corners, etc.
Labor insurance supplies testing
Insulation shoes detection, insulation gloves, high-voltage insulation gloves, anti-static insulation shoes, rubber-faced anti-smash shoes, acid and alkali-resistant protective shoes, high-temperature protective shoes, puncture-proof shoes, hard hats, protective gear, rubber clothing and other rubber linings Sleeves, rubber linings, rubber pads, rubber diaphragms, rubber tracks, rubber joints, rubber fenders, rubber dams, rubber bladder, rubber hot water bottles, rubber bowls, rubber bladder, rubber wedges, etc.

Test items

Physical and mechanical properties: density, hardness, surface resistivity, dielectric properties, tensile properties, impact properties, tear properties, compressive properties, adhesive strength, abrasion resistance, low temperature properties, and resilience.
Combustion performance: vertical combustion, alcohol torch combustion, roadway propane combustion, smoke density, combustion rate, effective combustion heat value, total smoke release.
Applicable properties: resistance to hydraulic pressure, pulse test, conductivity, water tightness, air tightness, durability, color fastness to dry friction of fabrics, etc.
Toxic and harmful substances: soluble heavy metals, o-phenyl plasticizers, formaldehyde, REACH, Rosh, etc.
Weather resistance test: aging test (ultraviolet, xenon lamp, carbon arc lamp, ozone), liquid resistance test, hot and cold shock, etc.

Testing standards

HG / T 2889 latex and silk
HG / T 2866 rubber fender
GB / T 26121 flexible rubber joint
GB 12953 chlorinated polyethylene waterproof membrane
GB / T 20029 Rubber vibration isolation pads for instruments and equipment
HG / T 3747.1 Rubber and plastic flooring materials Part 1: Rubber flooring
GB10213-2006 disposable medical rubber examination gloves
GB 9890-1988 medical infusion rubber stoppers
GB 7543-2006 single-use sterile rubber surgical gloves
GB 24786-2009 disposable PVC medical examination gloves
GB / T 21537-2008 cone rubber fender
HG / T 2866-2003 rubber fender
GB / T 5577-2008 Specification for synthetic rubber grades
HG / T 2289-2001 flexible rubber joint
JG 118-2000 Building isolation rubber bearing
CB 993-1981 Provisions on Storage and Use Period of Marine Rubber Shock Absorbers
GB 20688.4-2007 Rubber bearings Part 4: Ordinary rubber bearings
QB / T 1952.2-2011 soft furniture spring soft mattress

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