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German lfgb certification

Introduction to German LGFB certification

In September 2005, the German new food and diet law LFGB replaced the food and daily product law LMBG (Lebensmittel-und Futtermittelgesetzbuches). It is also known as the "Food, Tobacco Products, Cosmetics and Other Commodities Management Law". It is the most important basic legal document in German food hygiene management, and it is the norm and core of other special food hygiene laws and regulations. However, it has also been modified in recent years, mainly to match European standards. The regulations make general and basic provisions on all aspects of German food. All foods on the German market and all food-related daily necessities must comply with the basic rules above.

Product Range

The LFGB test covers all materials, including products made with the latest technology, such as: chromium plating on barbecue grills, temperature resistance testing of Teflon coating on cooking pans, and silicone seals in kettles. Generally involved fields include: ceramics, synthetic plastics, polyvinyl chloride, plasticizers, paper products, leather, textiles, cosmetics, tobacco, etc. The products involved include: toasters, sandwich ovens, electric kettles, etc. in contact with food Electrical appliances; food storage supplies; kitchenware such as tempered glass cutting boards, stainless steel pots; bowls, cutlery, spoons, cups and plates; tableware; clothing, bedding, towels, wigs, false eyelashes, hats, diapers and other sanitary products, sleeping bags , Shoes, gloves, straps, handbags, wallets / wallets, briefcases, chair covers; textile or leather toys and toys containing textile or leather clothing; yarns and fabrics for direct use; various cosmetics and tobacco Products, etc.

Test items

In general, Articles 31 and 31 of the LFGB German Food and Daily Use Act include the following test items:
1. Initial inspection of samples and materials
2. Sensory evaluation of odor and taste transfer
3. Plastic samples: test for transferable ingredients and test for the precipitation of heavy metals
4. Metal: Testing of composition and precipitable heavy metals
5. Silicone resin: transferable or volatile organic compound test
6. Special materials: Inspection of chemical hazards in accordance with the German Chemicals Act

Other test items included in the regulations are:
1. Detection of certain azo dyes used in daily necessities such as textiles, leather, polyester fibers.
2. Testing of harmful chemicals and heavy metals in cosmetics
3. Testing of harmful ingredients in tobacco

LFGB certification process

1. Consulting --- Applicants provide product information, provide samples
2. Quotation --- According to the sample provided by the applicant, the technical engineer will make an assessment, determine the items to be tested, and make a quotation to the applicant
3. Applicant accepts quote
4. Sign a contract
5. Sample testing-testing will be performed in accordance with applicable standards
6. Test report
7. Issue a certificate of compliance with the LFGB test

Important changes in new regulations:
-In German law, implement EU Directive No.178 / 2002 (food safety requirements, food and catering operator responsibilities)
-Tobacco is outside the scope of the new LFGB and interim regulations on tobacco will be introduced
-Expanded ban on misleading declarations of materials and goods in contact with food
-No major changes to the safety testing of materials and commodities in contact with food

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