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China Energy Conservation Certification

Basic introduction

Energy-saving product certification is based on China's relevant certification standards and technical requirements, in accordance with internationally accepted product certification and development procedures and procedures, confirmed by the China Energy-saving Product Certification Management Committee and passed the certification certificate and energy-saving mark to prove that a product is energy-saving Product activities belong to the scope of internationally recognized product quality certification.
The energy-saving product certification system is an important energy-saving measure introduced by the State Economic and Trade Commission to support the effective implementation of the "Energy Conservation Law of the People's Republic of China." It is an adaptation and development of the needs of a socialist market economy. The healthy development of products and fair competition in the market protect the interests of production enterprises and consumers.

Energy saving sign

China energy-saving product certification mark, the first letter "e" of "energy" constitutes a circular pattern, which contains a deformed Chinese character "section", which means energy saving. The outer circle of the notch forms the first letter "C" of "C HINA". The upper part of the "section" is simplified into the shape of a section of the ancient Great Wall, and the lower part forms a beacon, which symbolizes China. The lower part of "jie" is the first letter "N" of Hanyu Pinyin. The entire pattern includes Chinese and English to facilitate international integration.

The ownership of the China Energy-saving Product Certification Mark belongs to the China Energy-saving Product Certification Management Committee, and the use right belongs to the China Energy-saving Product Certification Center. Any misappropriation, fraudulent use, or unauthorized production of this mark will be investigated for legal responsibility of the parties in accordance with the Energy Conservation Law of the People's Republic of China.

Energy-saving certification scope

China's energy-saving products involve almost all areas of the national economy and social life. In accordance with the principle of gradual development and classification of certification, the China Energy Conservation Product Certification Management Committee has determined that the first batch of products to be certified has the following three categories: green lighting products, including compact fluorescent lamps and AC electronic ballasts; household electrical appliances Refrigerators; industrial energy-consuming products, including fans and pumps. These products have a large calendar, wide coverage, and huge energy saving potential. The environmental and economic benefits brought by energy saving are also very significant.

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