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Vehicle and ship coating inspection

Basic introduction

Professional vehicle and ship coating testing services, rich technical experience, accurate performance index testing data, Northern testing testing integrates industry-wide resources, providing you with reliable decision-making basis and fair testing reports, helping you control product quality and win market competition.

Testing services

Automotive coating testing
Automotive primer, automotive topcoat, bicycle primer, bicycle topcoat, agricultural and forestry tractors and machinery coating, rust-proof primer for railway rolling stock, topcoat for railway rolling stock, thick paste alcohol for railway wagons Acid paint and so on.
Workshop coating testing
Phenolic modified phosphating primer, epoxy zinc-rich primer, orthosilicate zinc powder primer, metal-free zinc powder primer, etc.
Marine coating testing
Asphalt ship bottom antirust paint, chlorinated rubber ship bottom antirust paint, epoxy asphalt ship bottom antirust paint, asphalt series cuprous oxide antifouling paint, chlorinated rubber and vinyl cuprous oxide antifouling paint, organic tin antifouling paint, Organic tin polymer antifouling paint.

Test items

Basic properties: appearance, viscosity, density, fineness, flash point, outflow time, nonvolatile content, lacquer acid value, lacquer saponification value, lacquer softening point, lacquer glass transition temperature, storage stability, etc.
Construction performance: workability, coating amount, drying time, recoating time, filling property, abrasiveness, tackiness, scrub resistance, stain resistance, sag resistance, freeze-thaw cycle resistance, etc.
Film properties: film appearance, color, gloss, thickness, hardness, adhesion, transparency, hiding power, yellowing resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, bending test, flexibility, Buckholz Indentation test, scratch test, palletizing resistance test, cupping test, etc.
Paint film reliability: resistance to liquid media (water, acid, alkali, solvent, oil), humidity resistance, heat resistance, heat and humidity resistance, neutral salt spray resistance, light aging test (ultraviolet, xenon, carbon arc lamps, etc.) , Mold resistance and so on.
Environmental performance: benzene, toluene, xylene content, free TDI (toluene diisocyanate) content, soluble heavy metal content, VOC content, chlorinated hydrocarbon content, formaldehyde content, etc.

Testing standards

GB / T 13492 Various automotive topcoats
GB / T 13493 automotive primer
GB 24409 Limit of harmful substances in automotive coatings
HG / T 3833 Bicycle primer
HG / T 3832 Bicycle topcoat
GB / T 6745 Hull paint
GB / T 6746 marine oil tank paint
GB / T 6747 Marine workshop primer
GB / T 6748 Marine antirust paint
GB / T 9261 deck paint

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