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Interphone test and certification

Basic introduction

The application scenarios of walkie-talkies are changeable, the frequency bands are strict, the certification standards are numerous, and the test items are complex. As a high-tech product integrating new and old technologies, both the test instrument and the professional level of testers have high requirements. Therefore, the correct selection of a third-party testing and certification company can not only save your costs, but also shorten the product launch cycle and gain more competitiveness. North Test EMC Labs helps your products to be exported to the world.
Domestic high-tech products are more and more favored and recognized by the international community, and the demand for export certification of walkie-talkies is also increasing sharply. The North Test EMC laboratory is specially equipped with designated senior project engineers to provide the only counterpart walkie-talkie test certification service. Beitest provides you with a comprehensive radio test certification service. After receiving your prototype and related technical information, arrange for testing, application, and issue until the designated certificate is issued.

Applicable product range

Walkie-talkies, including public walkie-talkies, marine walkie-talkies, digital radio walkie-talkies, etc.

Standard test

Beitest EMC Labs has obtained A2LA capability recognition and is able to conduct all walkie-talkie test projects.

First, the frequency table of various types of radios in the United States and RF test standards

Second, European / Australian radio frequency and RF test standard table

Three, IC certification standard (RSS-119)
In the case of obtaining the FCC certificate, the IC certificate can be obtained by appropriately increasing the test items and adjusting the operating frequency.

Common problem

How does the radio product differ from other products when applying for an FCC ID, for example?
It is no different, usually the FCC ID is composed of company code + product code. Among them: company code: three digits or capital letters, issued directly by the FCC; product code: digits, letters, "-", but there must not be two or more consecutive "-" use You cannot use "-" and the last digit. The maximum number of digits for this code is 14 digits. The number is customized.

Can your company complete all test items in all radio test standards?
Yes, A2LA's competence scope of North Test EMC Labs includes all walkie-talkie test items.

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