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Indonesia SDPPI certification

Introduction of Indonesia SDPPI certification

Indonesia's General Directorate of Resources SDPPI (Direktorat Jenderal Sumber Daya dan Perangkat Pos dan Informatika) is a regulatory agency that formulates, plans and implements standardized policies and policies in the field of radio and communications. Interference and Disturbance is an organization with wireless / communication testing and certification capabilities, including SDPPI certification for wireless products.
Wireless products exported to Indonesia must pass Indonesia's SDPPI type certification and customs inspection. The Indonesian General Post and Telecommunications Authority (DGPT) has compulsorily banned companies outside Indonesia from being holders of type approval since June 2009.
SDPPI certification basic information
Compulsory certification
Control unit: Indonesia DGPT
Need for local representatives
Requires local testing needs
Application period: 6-8 weeks
Sample quantity: at least 2 sets

Applicable product range

Applicable products and corresponding regulations
1. BT Bluetooth: No.09 / DIRJEN / 2004
2. WLAN: No. 28 / PERMEN / 2015
3. SRD short-range radio: No. 214 / DIRJEN / 2005
4. GSM cellular mobile communication: No.370 / DIRJEN / 2010
5. WCDMA: No.173 / DIRJEN / 2009
6. LTE: No. 27 TAHUN 2015

Application process

1.Fill in the application form
2.Send samples to institutions
3.Sample test
4. Issue a certificate after the test is passed

Application materials

1. Copy of act of association (Indonesian, "aktapendirian")
2. Tax number copy (Indonesian, "NPWP")
3. Copy of company registration (Indonesian, "TDP")
4. Copy of import license (Indonesian, "NPIK")
5. Relevant technical information and application forms
6. Information of local agents (certificates will only be issued to local agents)
7. To apply for Indonesian certification, you need to provide a local Indonesian company authorized by an overseas manufacturer as the certificate holder. Local companies in Indonesia allow the certificate holder to be a local agent of the manufacturer, a local wholesaler, or a local broker. (Needs local testing in Indonesia).


Special cases of SDPPI certification
The products applicable to the SDPPI exemption mainly include: GPS terminals, servers, network switching equipment, keyless systems, wireless charging equipment, etc.
The information required to apply for an exemption letter is mainly:
1. Application signed and sealed by the real importer or manufacturer;
2. Product manual;
3. Photos inside and outside photos;
4. Tag photos;
5. User manual.

Notes on Waiver Letters
1. The holder of the exemption letter can be an importer, manufacturer or factory, but it is recommended to use the name of a local Indonesian importer to apply for an exemption letter;
2. The exemption letter is valid for one year, and renewed application is required after the expiration;
3. It usually takes 1-2 weeks to apply for an exemption letter;
4. All the information can be reviewed without submitting samples.

Certificate information


From September 1, 2014, the SDPPI certificate is no longer divided into A and B certificates.
1. There is no longer a statement of A card or B card;
2. The manufacturer or importer can directly apply for the SDPPI certificate;
3. The validity period of the certificate is three years, but it can only be renewed once (the validity period is increased by three years). After six years, the certificate needs to be renewed. Only new applications can be made. Products with WLAN and BT functions must provide straight-through prototypes.
Since November 14, 2014, all products with WLAN and BT functions must provide straight-line prototype testing. The previous policy for Bluetooth products to accept normal prototypes has been cancelled.

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