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Audio and video product inspection rules

Basic introduction

With the continuous advancement of economic globalization and regional integration, and the maturity of Chinese audio and video and related electronic equipment companies, more and more domestic manufacturers are targeting overseas markets. However, any enterprise entering the international market needs to obtain different "passes" to meet the requirements of relevant laws and standards for products in different countries and regions.
For home and professional audio and video products, product certification must comply with relevant regulatory requirements such as product safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Product Range

Audiovisual products refer to audio, video signal processing, output, display and other products, including:
CRT TV, LCD TV, rear projection TV, home theater, speakers, audio, power amplifier, video recorder, karaoke player, disc player, DVD, VCD, EVD, MP3, MP4, MP5, recorder, radio, voice recorder, Game console, answering machine, earphone, headset, amplifier, speaker, car player, digital camera, digital video camera, cassette player, repeater, karaoke machine, car DVD, car MP4, projection screen, monitor, bass Cannon, Walkman, Car Monitor, Electro-Speaker, Microphone, Multimedia Video, Indoor Sound Bar, USB Entertainment Video Stick, Headrest DVD, Gramophone, Learning Machine, Car Advertising Player, Digital Photo Frame, Electronic Keyboard, Electric Guitar, Jukebox, Optical disc drive, tape recorder, disc burner, etc.

Electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility

The basic requirements for the electrical safety of audio and video and similar electronic products are to prevent various dangers that may occur during the use of the product, to avoid unnecessary personal injury and property damage, including electric shock, electric shock, excessive temperature, fire, Mechanical injuries, radiation, chemical hazards, etc.

International regulatory requirements

International regulatory requirements for audio and video product certification (product safety)
Region Directive / Standard Content
International IEC 60065 audio, video and similar electronic equipment
EU EN 60065 audio, video and similar electronic devices
U.S. UL 60065 audio, video and similar electronic equipment
Canada CSA C22.2 No. 60065 Audio, video and similar electronic equipment
Japan J 60065 Audio, video and similar electronic equipment
Australia AS / NZS 60065 Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Equipment
China GB 8898 Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Equipment
K 60065 Audio, video and similar electronic equipment

North Test Solution

Services provided by Beitest for audio and video products include:
Multi-national certification: agency CB system (UL CB, INTERTEK CB, TUV CB, KTC CB), European CE, GS, US / Canada ETL / cETL, UL / cUL. We are UL CB and KTC CB CBTL laboratories. Our certification cycle is short (up to four weeks), the price is favorable, we have a deep understanding of labeling, and the cooperative license-issuing agencies give us a high evaluation of our professional capabilities;
Australian certification: We report directly to Australia and then take the certificate to the Australian certification authority. The period from the submission of the report to the certification is 2 weeks.
Korean certification: KTC CB we write a test report and then submit it to Korea KTC for certification. For KC certification, we pre-test, and then send samples to KTC for testing and certification. The cycle is 4-5 weeks.
Provide customers with product certification structure evaluation (single distance and creepage distance, leakage current, withstand voltage, tide, temperature rise and other single tests) to reduce non-compliance before certification, thereby reducing unnecessary losses;
Provide customers with standard content training and coaching.

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