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ENEC certification for electrical components

Basic introduction

At present, with the continuous advent of a large number of intelligent, remote-control and energy-saving electrical accessory products, China has become a major country in the production and sales of electrical accessory products, and countries around the world have also continuously updated regulations and certification requirements for electrical accessory products. Against this background, Beitest can provide enterprises with a comprehensive one-stop solution for ENEC certification of electrical components, helping companies reduce the risk of violations and enter the target market smoothly.

Business challenge

In recent years, the State Certification and Accreditation Administration has continuously improved the reform of the compulsory certification system, and the supervision of electrical accessory products has been continuously strengthened. Diverse market demands are also leading the transformation and upgrade of electrical accessory products and making products intelligent. The change in the direction of multifunctionality is full of challenges and opportunities for Chinese electrical accessories enterprises.
ENEC is a voluntary certification scheme of ETICS (European Testing, Inspection and Certification System); and ENEC is a high-quality certification service provided in Europe. Products and parts printed with the ENEC logo mean high-quality audits. Testing by accredited laboratories meets general European safety standards; meanwhile, factory audits, market surveillance reviews, and annual product sampling surveillance tests ensure that products consistently meet high-quality safety requirements.
Then, ask yourself-does your product meet the ENEC requirements; do you know the testing requirements of ENEC; if you have n’t learned or want to know, or have not obtained a test report, Beitest will help you solve the above problems . Beitest Electronic and Electrical Parts Testing Lab is equipped with advanced testing instruments and testing equipment, which can provide efficient and professional one-stop solutions for parts manufacturers and traders. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us, we will We are here to assist you.

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