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Testing of plastic raw materials and fillers

Basic introduction

Professional plastic material testing services, for plastic raw materials, resins, fillers, around nearly a hundred subdivided indicators, based on nearly a thousand plastic testing standards, provide accurate, efficient and reliable testing and analysis services, integrate industry resources, and provide authoritative CMA / CNAS Qualification test report.

Testing services

Testing of plastic raw materials
Modified plastic, recycled plastic, foamed plastic, polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS / EPS), acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) , Phenolic molding compound, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), polyarylate ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), PPS plastic, nylon (polyamide, PA), polycarbonate (PC), polyurethane (PU) Wait.
Resin detection
Polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, and ABS five general-purpose resins; polyacrylamide, polycarbonate, polyoxymethylene, polybutylene terephthalate, modified polyphenylene ether, and polytetrafluoro Special resins such as ethylene and thermoplastic elastomers; phenol-formaldehyde resin (commonly known as phenol-formaldehyde resin), urea-formaldehyde resin (commonly known as urea-formaldehyde resin), melamine-formaldehyde resin (commonly known as melamine-formaldehyde resin), etc.
Filler detection
Silicate filler, carbonate filler, glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc.

Test items

Physical and chemical properties: biocompatibility, degradation performance, apparent density, light transmission, haze, yellow index, whiteness, swelling ratio, water content, acid value, specific gravity, hardness, rigidity, density, resin content, water absorption , Dimensional stability, etc.
Mechanical properties: impact performance, tensile performance, bending performance, electrical performance, abrasion resistance, friction coefficient, low temperature performance, resilience performance, tear performance, creep, three comprehensive tests, vibration, impact, fatigue, stress relaxation, etc. .
Fire performance: fire rating, vertical combustion, horizontal combustion, smoke density, smoke toxicity, oxygen index, flame spread rate, etc.
Environmental reliability: life evaluation, aging test (ultraviolet, xenon lamp, carbon arc lamp, ozone), salt spray test, oil resistance and other liquid test, high and low temperature impact, high and low temperature cycle, etc.
Electrical properties: surface resistivity, volume resistivity, breakdown voltage, dielectric constant, loss tangent, etc.
Plastic analysis: component analysis, imitation generation, formula reduction and improvement, cost control, quality diagnosis, supplier evaluation, toxic and harmful detection, etc.

Testing standards

JBT 5209-1991 plastic packing
HGT 21557.3-2006 plastic step ring packing
HG / T 3986-2007 plastic tower packing technical conditions
JBT 1712-2008 valve parts packing and packing
NDGJ 88—89 Technical Specifications for Plastic Sprinkling Filler of Cooling Tower
GB / T 11115 Testing Standard for Polyethylene (PE) Resin
GB / T 12670 Polypropylene (PP) resin testing standard
HG / T 2002 Testing Standard for Perchloroethylene Resin for Coatings
GB / T 13657 Testing Standard for Bisphenol A Epoxy Resin
HG / T 2002 Testing Standard for Perchloroethylene Resin for Coatings
GB / T 13940 testing standard for polyacrylamide
GB / T 20672-2006 Rigid foam plastics-Determination of compression creep under specified load and temperature conditions
GB / T 15048-1994 Rigid foam plastics creep test method
GB / T 20197-2006 Definition, classification, marking and degradation performance requirements of degradable plastics
GB / T 16578.1-2008 Plastic films and sheets-Determination of tear resistance-Part 1: Trouser tear method
GB / T 7141-2008 Test method for thermal aging of plastics
GB / T 2577-2005 Glass fiber reinforced plastic resin content test method
GB / T 1410-2006 Test method for volume resistivity and surface resistivity of solid insulating materials

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