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Toy inspection test

Basic introduction

Toy import and export mandatory testing, to ensure the safe growth of children
Target products: toys, such as plush toys, plastic toys, wood toys, electric toys, riding toys, inflatable toys, etc.
Technical standards: Mandatory requirements for the Chinese market, European and American markets, and the Middle East market
Technical requirements: heavy metals, phthalates, azo, abuse tests, etc.
Applicable objects: producers, exporters, brands, operators of various e-commerce platforms, etc.

Business challenge

Children are one of the groups in the global society that needs care, and the safety of children's products is directly related to the healthy growth of users. Therefore, countries around the world have begun to establish regulations and standards to strictly control the quality and safety of children's products. In the face of increasingly stringent safety regulations, how can you ensure that your products meet the requirements and make them circulate smoothly in the global market, Beitest Toy Testing Services will help you.

Service Content

First, test products
Plush toys, plastic toys, wood toys, electric toys, riding toys, inflatable toys, magnet toys, experimental set toys, musical toys
Test items
1. Physical and mechanical performance testing, chemical testing, microbiological testing, electrical testing, combustion performance testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing
2. Sound test, reliability test, REACH risk regulations, product risk assessment
Test Standards
1. Chinese Toy Standard-GB 6675
2. American Toy Standard-ASTM F963
3. European Toy Safety Standard-EN 71
4. Australian Toy Safety Requirements-AS / NZS 8124
5. Japan Toy Standard-ST 2016
6. Brazil Toy Regulations-NM300
7. Gulf Countries Toy Technical Regulations and Certification-GCC


Our services cover a variety of toys (for example: plush toys, plastic toys, wood toys, electric toys, riding toys). No matter where the customer's target market is, we can perform risk assessment, testing, audit, inspection, consulting and other services according to the relevant regulations and standards of each destination country. At the same time, at the concept, design and prototype stage, we will provide customers with solutions that include customized product safety and quality assurance throughout the supply chain.
I. Technical Consulting
Due to the complicated production process and the irregular use of raw materials, the quality of toys and other products often cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, Beitest utilizes a professional technical team and rich global network resources to provide customers with innovative and feasible solutions to help customers solve technical problems.
Risk management
From the design concept to the production and distribution link, with its global network resources, Beitest is always committed to providing customers with complete solutions and comprehensive quality planning to help customers manage risks and meet the challenges of new regulations. Not only that, we also provide in-depth training related to toy safety standards, regulatory frameworks and risk assessments to help their companies or companies better manage risk.
Third, testing services
Beitest provides you with testing services such as restricted substance testing, mechanical and physical properties, and combustion performance, helping you evaluate and test product quality in accordance with national standards and improve the international competitiveness of products and brands.
4. Audit and certification
Beitest has a global professional technical network and advanced equipment, which can provide a series of audit and certification services from product certification, process management to system certification, to help your products meet domestic and foreign regulatory requirements, industry or department specific standards, and customer customization Claim.

Our advantage

1.Professional technical team
2. Abundant global network resources
3. Laboratory qualifications recognized by authoritative institutions
4. Rich e-commerce platform cooperation experience

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