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Argentina S-MARK certification


IRAM was established in 1935. It is a certification body for electronic technology products recognized by the OAA (Argentina Accreditation Organization) and a certification body for compulsory certification products recognized by the government. The IRAM Safety Mark is a mandatory (except for exempted product) certification mark in Argentina.


S-MARK certification basic information

Technical information: AC220V / 50Hz voltage, plug IRAM 2073 / IRAM 2063: 2009 / IRAM 2063: 2009
Whether mandatory: mandatory
Certificate validity period: no validity period
Factory inspection requirements: For logo certification, the first factory inspection + annual review is required
Certificate holder requirements: no requirements

Applicable product range

The Argentine government passed two new resolutions 197/2004 and 198/2004. 197/2004 allowed manufacturers and importers to choose different certification systems. The Argentine authorities revised the certification system and announced resolution 197/2004 at the end of 2004. And make this plan work. Resolution 197/2004 applies to the following products: electronic and electrical products, toys, personal protective equipment.

Certification category

Applicants of electrical appliances can choose any of the following authentication methods:
A mark certification
Type B certification
C batch certification

While 198/2004 has compulsory certification requirements for some electrical and electronic products, the agreement 198/2004 stipulates that the following products are no longer included in the scope of compulsory certification:
-Products with a rated current greater than 63A
-Rated voltage is less than 50V, using battery power
-Rated power is less than 50V, with external power supply (including battery operation)

In addition, the following requirements must be met:
-Power supply must have valid Argentina certification
-The product manual must indicate the technical parameters of the adaptable power supply or the model of the adaptable power supply
-The product manual must indicate that it is dangerous to use a non-designated power source

However, products below 50V are still compulsory certification requirements:
-Using lighting and lighting supply system on mains 50V AC
-Dichroic lamp and lamp holder
-Handheld power tools
-Electric fence starter
-Electronic muscle stimulator for fitness

Application process

1.Fill in the application form
2.Issue report according to IEC standard or IRAM standard
3. Provide proof of differences that meet the Argentine country, such as a difference report
4.Sample identification
5.List Argentina's certified importers and exporters
6. Trademark registration
7. Register company name in public business
8.Signing rules of procedure
9. Factory inspection report (once a year)

Application information

1. Safety test report
CB test report plus CB certificate, or IEC English version test report plus national requirements of Argentina
Attach files
Application, importer's authorization, design drawing, specifications, circuit diagram, product photo
Safety warnings in Spanish, manuals in Spanish, factory inspection report in Rheinland, printed on nameplate
The plug conforms to the Argentina IRAM 2063/2073 standard certificate (if the plug does not meet the Argentina IRAM standard, the specifications and samples of the power plug need to be provided additionally)

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