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Apple MFi certification

Apple MFi certification introduction


Apple MFi certification is a logo used by Apple Inc. for its authorized accessory factories. It is an abbreviation of "made for iPhone", "made for iPod", and "made for iPad".

Apple MFi certification process


Apple MFi product range

Apple sells parts like: 
MFi认证的技术(产品列举)MFi Certification Technology(products as examples)
1、Lightning and 30-pin connectors(苹果数据线、车充、旅充、移动电源、背夹电源、无线充、扩展内存等);
2、HomeKit accessory Protocol (HAP)(智能家居);
3、Authentication coprocessors(用于需要身份识别的产品,比如导航,打印机,蓝牙耳机等);
4、iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP), the protocol used to communicate with iPhone, iPad and iPod(使用到iAP协议同iPhone, iPad and iPod有数据交换的设备,导航,打印机,蓝牙耳机,蓝牙手表,医疗监护产品等);
5、AirPlay audio technology(智能音箱等音频产品);
6、Wireless Accessory Configuration (WAC) feature(无线智能产品);
7、Headphone Remote and Mic feature(耳机和麦克风);
8、Lightning CommunicationModuleLAM(音频耳机);
9、CarPlay technology(汽车导航产品);
10、MFi Game Controller technology(MFi游戏手柄);
11、MFi Hearing Aid technology(助听器)。

The value of Apple MFi certification

1. MFi certified companies are also members of Apple Inc. Members are qualified to purchase Apple accessories (lighting, headset remote control, wireless smart IC, etc.) from Apple's agent AVNET, and can use MFi LOGO on certified products;
2. In today's fierce competition, MFi certification is the only opportunity for 3C accessories companies to upgrade their products and increase their profits; it is also a pass for all traditional electronics companies to enter the field of smart products;
3. The important way for enterprises to enhance their brand image and product value is also the primary condition for foreign buyers and retailers to choose suppliers.

Apple cycle and price

Professional: We are familiar with MFi certification process, proficient in MFi product specifications and standards, and can provide companies with: Apple MFi regulations and account operation training and guidance, product PPID application, product prediction and assistance rectification, product formal inspection, packaging certification, rectification and consulting Agency services
Focus: We are a professional MFi certification testing and agency in the industry. As of May 2, 2018, statistics from Apple's official website show that there are only 826 global MFi members, 648 Chinese MFi members (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), and northern testing The number of MFi companies served has reached 600 (cooperating merchants have proof of cooperation agreements);
Value-added services: Through years of service to MFi certified members, we can also provide enterprises with the most valuable information and related resources, including: pre-audit guidance by third-party companies commissioned by Apple; during MFi certification and after certification (certification maintenance) ) Consultation and Q & A; Provide resource matching for upstream and downstream supply chains for MFi certified enterprises (including: high-quality solution companies, high-quality processing plants, high-margin high-tech threshold MFi products, various MFi products, etc.);
Solemn promise: Beitest is a professional third-party laboratory accredited by the National Conformity Assessment Accreditation Committee CNAS and China Metrology Certification CMA. We solemnly promise to strictly abide by operating procedures, implement inspection and testing standards, and adhere to the principles of objectivity, independence, fairness, and integrity.

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