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WIFI certification

What is WIFI certification


Wi-Fi CERTIFIED is an internationally recognized product certification standard, which means that the product has reached industry-recognized standards in terms of interoperability, security, and a series of application-specific protocols. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products have been rigorously tested in one of our independent authorized test laboratories. When a product passes the test, the manufacturer or distributor is authorized to use the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo. Certification means that a product has been tested in various configurations with other equipment, and the equipment used for testing needs to be extracted in different ways to verify that the product is compatible with other Wi-Fi CERTIFIED equipment operating in the same frequency band Interoperability.

A wide range of consumer-, enterprise-, and carrier-specific products, including smartphones, appliances, computers and peripherals, network infrastructure, and consumer electronics, can be certified. At the retail end, the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo gives consumers confidence in the product, ensuring that the product can provide a good user experience and meet industry standards. Service providers and corporate IT managers specify that products must have Wi-Fi CERTIFIED to reduce support costs and ensure that products meet industry-recognized requirements. Only members of the Wi-Fi Alliance can conduct product certification testing and use the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo and related trademarks.

How to join a member

Joining the Wi-Fi Alliance is a key strategic element in providing Wi-Fi solutions and services. In our industry-leading cooperation forum, many future-oriented Wi-Fi and WiGig technologies are developing significantly. Our world-class certification program verifies the best user experience and has the right to affix the seal of approval sought after worldwide. Since March 2000, Wi-Fi Alliance member companies have developed and launched more than 15 certification programs.
To date, our more than 600 member companies have certified more than 15,000 products through our 18 authorized testing laboratories around the world, and that number is growing. Being part of our alliance and participating in our interoperability programs and market development work means that you and your customers will get the best experience using Wi-Fi products and services.
Join today and let us work together to promote the future of wireless. After your application is accepted by our board of directors, Wi-Fi Alliance staff will generally send you relevant notices and invoices by email within ten working days. Your membership will be activated after Wi-Fi Alliance receives the full payment. For existing members, we will collect membership dues for the next calendar year, and all payables must be paid by December 31st.
Full membership
Full members can help develop our certification program and related support technologies, certify products, and have access to a range of other benefits. The annual membership fee is $ 15,000.
Affiliate membership
Affiliates of regular and sponsored members are eligible for a range of membership benefits without additional fees. Affiliate members have the same rights as full members, including the ability to authenticate products using their own company name, but voting rights are still held by companies with full Wi-Fi Alliance membership or sponsorship membership.
For a company that is eligible to become an affiliate member, a full member or sponsored member company must directly or indirectly (1) control the affiliate company; (2) be controlled by the affiliate company; or (3) be in a different company with the affiliate Under control (the same non-member company must control both the member company and the subsidiary company).
Implementer Member
Implementer members can use their previously certified Wi-Fi products to authenticate their end products. Implementer members make use of the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED brand to provide users with a simple path, insurance interoperability, and proven user experience. Additional benefits include participation in three annual member meetings and the right to use procedural drawings and tested technical parameters. The annual membership fee for implementers is $ 5,000.

WIFI certification classification

1. New product certification: Wi-Fi certification is not inherited.
2. Re-certification: The product has been certified; the relevant parts of the product and Wi-Fi have changed.
3. Modification: The product has been certified; the relevant parts of the product and Wi-Fi will not change.

WIFI certification process

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