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South African SABS certification

Introduction to SABS Certification in South Africa

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) was established in accordance with the National Standards Act promulgated in 1945 and belongs to the South African Ministry of Trade and Industry. SABS is a neutral third-party certification body responsible for system certification and product certification in South Africa. In addition to the responsibility of setting standards, SABS also represents the national management norms and standards, and grants the right to use logos for products that meet the norms. SABS Mark is widely used in various fields and has become a mark of product quality assurance.


Certificate description

SABS certification is divided into two categories: product certification and system certification. SABS product certification mainly includes the following eight categories: chemical products, biological products, fiber products and clothing, mechanical products, safety equipment, electrical products, civil and construction, and automotive products. Among them, the construction materials and products involved are: stone products, concrete products, roof materials, cement, lime, cement mixtures, natural building stones, safety glass, steel structures, wood and wood products, bricks, tiles, paints, Coatings, sealants, etc.

Application process

1. Manufacturer completes the application form
2. If the factory has more than one factory building, you need to fill in another application form. Every product within the scope of certification is required to be reflected on the application form. In addition, the factory also needs to fill out an application form for the credibility of the person in charge who will guarantee the first review fee and other certification fees;
3. After receiving the application form, the South African Bureau of Standards will issue a review quotation;
4. Under the premise that the quotation is approved, the South African Standards Bureau will conduct a factory inspection;
5. If the above review is passed, the South African Bureau of Standards will prepare an annual supervision contract;
6. Two auditors will conduct random review every year, and the cost of annual supervision review and test will be stated on the contract;
7. The two auditors will take samples for inspection to the laboratory;
8. For the samples to be tested later, the South African Standards Bureau will draw the goods from the sellers in South Africa. If the batches of the goods are less than 4 times a year, insufficient samples will be sent from the factory, and the cost will be paid by the factory bear;
9. If the test result is unqualified, then the cost of the sample and the cost of retesting will be borne by the factory;
10. The validity of the certificate will be three years, unless the certificate is cancelled for other reasons.

South African Certification Body

1. NRCS: It is the issuing authority of LOA certificate.
2. SABS: Issuing authority for COC certificate and SABS mark certification. South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)
Responsible for braking South African standards, and also work on certification and testing.
3. LOA certification: letter of Authority, for security.
4, COC certification: certificate of Compliance, for EMC.
5. SABS certification: This certification is voluntary. The requirements are more stringent, and the South African Standards Bureau (SABS) needs to arrange factory inspection and testing, and there will be two annual audits after obtaining the certificate.

Certificate information


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