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Canadian NRCAN Energy Efficiency Certification

Introduction to Canadian NRCAN Energy Efficiency Certification

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is the Canadian government department responsible for monitoring and enforcing energy efficiency regulations—the regulations impose requirements on minimum energy performance levels for various energy-consuming products, label energy-consuming products, and collect energy use data.

All regulated products imported into Canada for sale or lease or transferred from the manufacturing province to another region (trans-provincial transportation) should meet the energy efficiency standards required by the energy efficiency regulations. Therefore, Natural Resources Canada requires that all regulated products must obtain an energy efficiency certification mark from a certification body accredited by the Canadian Standards Council (SCC).

Applicable product range

Washing machine, clothes dryer, dry cleaning machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, ice maker, air conditioner, three-phase induction motor, lamps, TV, power supply, gas water heater, fuel water heater, gas heater, gas fireplace, etc.

Battery charging products enter the Canadian market after June 13, 2019. Please meet Canadian mandatory NRCan certification and online submission. At the same time, subsequent certification agencies will conduct annual market sampling inspections, and the sampling inspection ratio is about 1% Basic model.

Enhanced the requirements and control scope of the following 7 categories of products with regard to “Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards”:
Electric motor
Domestic gas boiler
Domestic kerosene boilers;
Dry-type transformer
Large air-conditioning facilities and heat pumps;
Commercial all-in-one refrigerator;
Incandescent lamp with reflector;
New requirements for minimum energy efficiency standards and reporting issues for the following products are proposed:
Standby energy consumption of electronics
-Audio products
 -TV, monitor, etc.
 -Video player products
External power supply
Digital TV adapter
Electric boiler
Single stereo air conditioner and heat pump
Mandatory directives for manufacturers and importers

All manufacturers and importers must follow the directive to ensure that the products they produce and import meet the minimum energy efficiency standards required by the directive. Manufacturers and importers should pass the tests of an accredited third-party certification body to obtain compliance performance reports and certificates.

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