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Lithium-ion battery certification

Basic introduction

Lithium-based batteries are divided into lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries. Mobile phones and laptops use lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly referred to as lithium batteries. The battery generally uses a material containing lithium as an electrode, which is a representative of modern high-performance batteries. The real lithium battery is rarely used in daily electronic products because of its danger. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are the most widely used batteries in modern digital products, but they are relatively "delicate". Frequent battery explosions in a certain brand of mobile phones have led many civil aviation authorities to issue "blocking orders" on them. Whether lithium-ion batteries can meet the standard requirements has attracted great attention from battery manufacturers and end users. North Test provides enterprises with a variety of certification and testing services including battery UN inspection and certification, battery CQC certification, battery CB certification, battery UL certification, battery PSE certification, battery CE certification, GB 31241, and battery performance testing.

Lithium-ion battery standard

`` Safety requirements for lithium-ion batteries and battery packs for portable electronic products '' GB 31241-2014
The standard will be enforced from August 1, 2015;
After the standard is implemented, all lithium battery products must meet the GB31241 standard;
After the new version of the national standard is enforced, it is expected to be subject to increasingly strict supervision. National sampling, provincial sampling and local sampling will adopt the new national standard requirements in the new sampling plan.
Other standards

Product               Certification Category Standards
Cell                     001031 GB31241, GB / T28164, IEC62133-2012
Battery pack        001031 GB31241, GB / T28164, IEC62133-2012
Power Bank         001031 GB31241 + GB8898 / GB4343

Applicable Products

Electronic Product Category Detailed Examples of Various Electronic Products
Portable office products, laptops, PDAs, etc.
Mobile communication products Mobile phones, cordless phones, Bluetooth headsets, walkie-talkies, etc.
Portable audio and video products Portable TV, portable player, camera, camcorder, etc.
Other portable products Electronic navigators, digital photo frames, game consoles, e-books, etc.

The above-listed portable electronic products do not include all products, so products not listed are not necessarily outside the scope of this standard.
Wearable devices: The lithium-ion batteries and battery packs used need to meet standard requirements.

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