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Candle test

Candle test introduction

With the increase of consumers' demand for lifestyle awareness, the sales of candles are increasing, and candles are still welcomed by consumers. At the same time that candles are becoming more and more popular, the incidence of accidents associated with them is increasing, and home fires and tragedies caused by candles are inevitably increasing. The improper use of candles is part of the cause of the accident, but the irrational design of some candles and candlesticks is also the cause of the accident.
There is no doubt that candles and candlesticks must comply with the 1994 General Product Safety Regulations. These laws, implemented in the European Union, stipulate the safety of candles and candlesticks. Intertek has developed a comprehensive test plan that allows us to determine whether a candle is safe or not based on what is specified above.
Beitest is able to provide comprehensive testing and evaluation of candles, candlesticks and related products (incense sticks, fragrance stoves, etc.). According to your requirements, we can perform the evaluation and performance test in combination with the following typical safety items about candles and candlesticks.

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