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Plastic film and plastic bag inspection

Basic introduction

Comprehensive coverage of plastic products such as plastic films, packaging bags, weaving bags, etc., and providing authoritative CMA and CNAS qualification test reports based on domestic and foreign testing standards around nearly a hundred subdivided testing items.

Testing services

Thin film inspection
Plastic film products for food packaging, disposable plastic film products, polyethylene (PE) film, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film, polystyrene (PS) film, polyester (PET) film, polypropylene (PP) film , Nylon (PA) film, etc.
Packaging inspection
OPP plastic bag, CPP plastic bag, PP plastic bag, PE plastic bag, PVA plastic bag, EVA plastic bag, compound bag, co-extrusion bag, etc.
Woven bag inspection
Pearl film composite bag, color printing woven bag, paper plastic woven bag, composite woven bag, full transparent woven bag, chemical woven bag, building material woven bag, peritoneal woven bag, food woven bag, coating woven bag, laundry powder woven bag, special-shaped Woven bags and special woven bags and various three-dimensional, valve woven bags, portable woven bags, etc.

Test items

Physical and chemical indicators: thickness, rigidity, hardness, toughness, high water vapor transmission rate, gas transmission rate, rotational viscosity, solid content, volatile matter content, toxic and harmful substance content, monomer residue, pH value, acid value, hydrolysis Acid value, hydroxyl value, degree of crosslinking, chlorine content, etc.
Mechanical properties: tensile strength and elongation, tensile elastic modulus, flexural strength, flexural elastic modulus, compressive strength, cantilever impact strength, simply supported beam impact strength, shear strength, tear strength, peel strength, Puncture performance, Shore hardness, Rockwell hardness, ball indentation hardness, drop weight impact, environmental stress cracking resistance, etc.
Thermal properties: melting point, oxidation induction time, melt flow rate, thermal deformation temperature, Vicat softening temperature, linear expansion coefficient, oxygen index, thermal stability, softening point, etc.
Electrical properties: dielectric constant, dielectric loss factor, volume resistivity, surface resistivity, etc.
Weather resistance: aging test (ultraviolet, xenon lamp, carbon arc lamp, etc.), salt spray test (neutral salt spray, acid salt spray), liquid resistance test (water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, organic solvent resistance, oil resistance Etc.), heat aging, etc.

Testing standards

GB 1037-1988 Test method for water vapor permeability of plastic films and sheets
GB / T 1038-2000 Plastic film and sheet gas permeability test
GB / T 2410-2008 Determination of light transmittance and haze of transparent plastics
GB / T 13519 polyethylene heat shrinkable film
GB 4455 agricultural polyethylene blown film
GB / T 4456 polyethylene blown film for packaging
GB / T 28117 Multi-layer co-extrusion film and bag for food packaging
GB / T 20218 Biaxially oriented polyamide (nylon) film
QB 1125 Unstretched polyethylene polypropylene film
GB / T 17858.2 Packaging term Industrial packaging thermoplastic soft film bag
GB / T 15718 On-site foam packaging material
GB / T 6980 calcium plastic corrugated box
GB / T 8946 plastic woven bag
GB / T 5737 Food Plastic Turnover Box
GB / T 5738 plastic turnover box for bottled wine and beverages
GB / T 8947 composite plastic woven bag
GB / T 10004 retort-resistant composite film, bag
GB / T 10005 Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) / low density polyethylene (LDPE) composite film, bag

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