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China Energy Efficiency Label Certification

Basic introduction

In August 2004, the National Development and Reform Commission and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine jointly formulated and issued the “Measures for the Management of Energy Efficiency Labeling” (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”), which indicates that China will implement the energy efficiency labeling system.
China Energy Efficiency Label An energy efficiency label is an information label attached to a product or the smallest package of a product. It is used to indicate performance indicators such as the energy efficiency level of energy-using products. It provides users and consumers with the necessary information to guide purchase decisions. Users and consumers choose energy efficient products. Establishing and implementing an energy efficiency labeling system is of great significance for improving the energy efficiency of energy-consuming equipment, increasing consumers' awareness of energy conservation, accelerating the construction of an energy-saving society, and alleviating the contradiction of energy constraints faced by the comprehensive construction of a well-off society.
The Measures stipulate that the National Development and Reform Commission, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China shall be responsible for the establishment and implementation of the energy efficiency labeling system. All products listed in the Catalogue shall be marked with a uniform energy efficiency label on the obvious part of the product or the smallest package of the product, and shall be stated in the product manual. The energy efficiency labeling adopts the implementation mode of self-declaration and filing by producers or importers, and enhanced supervision and management by relevant government departments.
China's Energy Efficiency Labeling System Begins on March 1, 2005
According to the "Measures", the National Development and Reform Commission, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and Inspection and Quarantine and Administration of the People's Republic of China formulated and issued the "Product Catalog of the People's Republic of China Implementing Energy Efficiency Labeling (First Batch)" and "Basic Style of China's Energy Efficiency Labeling" "," Implementation Rules for Energy Efficiency Labelling of Household Refrigerators "and" Implementation Rules for Energy Efficiency Labelling of Room Air Conditioners "(No. 71 of 2004), will take the lead from the two products of refrigerators and air conditioners from March 1, 2005 Began implementation of energy efficiency labeling system.
The energy efficiency logo is a blue and white background with the words "CHINA ENERGY LABEL" on the top and the back is sticky. It is required to be pasted on the front panel of the product. The structure of the logo can be divided into a background information column, an energy efficiency level display column and a product related indicator display column. As an information mark, the energy efficiency mark intuitively shows the energy efficiency level, energy consumption index and other important performance indicators of energy-using products, and the energy efficiency level is the most important indicator to judge whether the product is energy-saving. The energy efficiency level of the product The lower the value, the higher the energy efficiency, the better the energy saving effect and the more power saving. At present, China's energy efficiency labeling divides energy efficiency into five levels of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Level 1 indicates that the product has reached the international advanced level, and the most power-saving, that is, the lowest energy consumption; Level 2 indicates that it is more power-saving; Level 3 It means that the product's energy efficiency is the average level of the Chinese market; level 4 means that the product's energy efficiency is lower than the market average level; level 5 is the market access indicator. Products below this level are not allowed to be produced and sold. In order to popularize the awareness of energy saving and efficiency among various consumer groups, the energy efficiency level display column uses three forms of expression to intuitively express the energy efficiency level information: one is the text part "low energy consumption, medium, high energy consumption"; the second is the number The part "1,2,3,4,5"; the third is the color code according to the level of the emotional arrangement represented by the color, where red represents forbidden, orange, warning, and green represents environmental protection and energy saving.
Therefore, the energy efficiency label can enable consumers to compare the energy saving effects of different products, so that consumers can purchase products that are more energy efficient and cost effective.

Product certification scope

Monitors, LCD TVs, plasma TVs, rice cookers, induction cookers, household washing machines, refrigerators, water storage electric water heaters, energy-saving lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, printers, copiers, electric fans.

Certification process

Step 1: Product testing
Energy efficiency testing should be performed in a qualified laboratory.

After passing the test according to the corresponding national energy efficiency standards, our center will issue an energy efficiency test report. The test report is an important basis for the energy consumption indicators marked on the product energy efficiency label. The original report should be submitted to the Energy Efficiency Label Management Center for review and record.

Step 2: Making Energy Efficiency

In order to maintain the seriousness of the labeling system, facilitate market supervision, and effectively improve consumers' identification and cognition of labels, the style of China's energy efficiency labels has strict uniform requirements. The basic styles of energy efficiency labels, shapes, colors, patterns, and overall layout of various products remain the same, but the size and energy consumption indicators are different. Therefore, enterprises should make energy efficiency labels in accordance with the requirements of the corresponding product implementation rules.
Click to download a sample of editable energy efficiency labels in CorelDRAW format. Open it with CorelDRAW 11.0 or above (with Founder font library), and mark the manufacturer's name, specifications and models, energy efficiency level and energy efficiency indicators. The energy efficiency level and energy efficiency index shall be determined based on the test report. The energy efficiency index shall not exceed the value range of the corresponding energy efficiency level, and the energy efficiency index of the tested sample shall meet the marked value in the energy efficiency label.
The energy efficiency label should be printed on coated paper of 80 grams or more, and stuck on the obvious position of the product or the smallest package with adhesive. Provide a sample of the logo for review when filing.

Step 3: Fill in the filing information online
The first step is to register business users on China Energy Labeling Network ( The basic information of the enterprise must be provided, and the registration is completed after the administrator's review (about 3 days).
After successful registration, log in and add relevant information for product filing, mainly the information marked by the energy efficiency label.
For more detailed information, please refer to the "Handling Guide" column on the left side of the homepage of China Energy Efficiency Labeling Network.

Step 4: Submit the required texts for the record
Submit the following text materials to China Energy Efficiency Label Management Center:
Copy of producer's business license or registration certificate;
Energy efficiency label filing enterprise information form;
Sample of energy efficiency labeling; (see step 2)
Energy efficiency labeling record form;
Energy efficiency test report; (see step 1)
When it comes to brand licensing or OEM production, you need to provide:
Brand use authorization;
Energy efficiency label filing OEM statement;
If the producer is an overseas registered enterprise, the importer is also one of the responsible parties, so it is also necessary to provide:
Copy of importer's business license or registration certificate;
Importer Business Information Form;
A copy of the relevant contract between the importer and the overseas producer;
After receiving the written record materials, the Energy Efficiency Label Management Center will generally provide feedback or rectification within 10 working days. After the filing is completed, it will be publicized on China Energy Efficiency Marking Network. Related information can be queried by filing number, producer name or model.

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