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Chile SUBTEL certification

Chile Subtel certification profile

SUBTEL (Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones) is a telecommunications regulatory agency in Chile. Products that involve radio frequency, cellular network or satellite technology need to obtain approval and certification for commercialization in Chile.


Basic information of SUBTEL certification
Nature of certification: mandatory
Factory inspection: Not required
Local testing: required
Local Representative: Yes
Certificate validity: long-term validity
Certification mark requirements: None

Applicable product range

Portable transceivers, remote controls, wireless microphones, wireless phones, radio frequency identification (RFID) equipment, radio alarms, medical communication system implementation (MICS), medical application equipment, vehicle radar system equipment and any wireless technology (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi , RFID, etc.), such as printers, keyboards, computer mice and touchpads.

If the device can be classified in these technology categories, a certification certificate will be issued after obtaining a certificate of conformity from a Chilean registered testing agency. If the device cannot fall into these categories, the manufacturer must obtain a "special authorization" from SUBTEL to commercialize the device.

Application materials

1. Application form
2. Safety test report
3.EMC test report
4. Trademark registration certificate
5. Risk assessment report
6. Electronic and mechanical schematic diagram
7.English and Arabic instructions
8. Product photos
9. Nameplate photos
10. Declaration of similar models
11. Manufacturer ISO9001 and business license

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