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GB 31701-2015 test

Basic introduction

Beitest provides you with comprehensive baby textile product testing and consulting services to solve your problems.
With the official implementation of China's mandatory national standard GB 31701-2015 "Safety Technical Specifications for Textile Products for Infants and Children", China has a basis for comprehensive supervision of textile products for infants and children. Facing the increasingly frequent national quality supervision and spot checks, how to ensure that the products meet the requirements of GB 31701 has become the key to win the market.

Service Content

The mandatory content of GB 31701-2015 baby textiles is as follows:
I. scope of application
1. Textile products worn and used by infants and young children aged 36 months and below
2. Textile products worn or used by children aged 3 to 14
Second, for the product
Textile products for infants and children produced and sold in China
Applicable objects
Manufacturers, brands, sellers, importers
Fourth, technical standards
Mandatory national standards, safety performance
Five, testing items
Identification mark, fiber content, GB 18401 complete set (pH, azo dye, formaldehyde, etc.), color fastness to wet friction, heavy metals (lead, cadmium), phthalate, burning performance, attachment size, attachment resistance Tensile strength, sharp edges and tips of accessories, straps required
Six, sample requirements
2 garments
Seven, detection cycle
4-5 working days

Eight, the requirements of the fabric

The fabrics, linings and accessories of textile products for infants and children shall meet the requirements of the corresponding safety technology categories in GB 18401 and the requirements of Table 1.

Our advantage

Service Process

Common problem

How does GB31701 classify the safety technical requirements for infant and child textiles?
1. Safety technical requirements for infants and children's textile products are divided into Class A, Class B and Class C, one-to-one correspondence with the safety technology categories of GB 18401.
2. Textile products for infants and young children should meet the requirements of category A; children's textile products that directly contact the skin should meet at least category B requirements; children's textile products that do not directly contact the skin should meet at least category C requirements.
3. Textile products for infants and children shall meet the requirements of GB 18401.

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