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Lighting product ENEC certification

Basic introduction

In recent years, the global economy has continued to run slowly at a slow speed. The laws and regulations and corresponding enforcement of laws and regulations established by various countries regarding the safety of electronic and electrical products have become increasingly strict. Lighting products are no exception. How each enterprise stands out in this fierce market competition and turns the current industry challenge into its own opportunity is a topic that many lighting companies need to face together.
Each European country has its own national certification mark, and ENEC certification is a safety certification mark covering Europe. However, since ENEC certification must be issued by a professionally designated third-party organization, ENEC is a more valuable and trustworthy certification mark compared to the European mandatory manufacturer's self-declaration CE mark; in addition, ENEC certification also Includes factory audits and annual sampling tests to ensure continued compliance with European standards.
For lighting products exported to Europe, ENEC certification has begun to popularize. Beitest can provide enterprises with a comprehensive one-stop solution for ENEC certification for exporting lighting products to Europe, helping companies reduce the risk of violations and enter the target market smoothly. 

Service Content

Beitest can provide a comprehensive one-stop solution for ENEC certification of lighting products. The product is affixed with the ENEC certification mark to indicate that the product has met the specified requirements of relevant safety or performance standards, which will help your company easily enter the target market.
Applicable product range
Lighting and accessories (note: ENEC certification requires annual factory inspection of the factory)

Lighting product ENEC certification test standard and cycle

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