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Mobile phone test certification

Basic introduction

With the increasing popularity of wireless communication technology, mobile phone communication, smart home and other software and hardware technologies are booming and rapidly developing, including Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS, Beidou technology, the emergence of 2G, 3G, 4G and even 5G mobile phones, NFC, Zigbee, With the application of Z-Wave and other technologies, the demand for wireless product certification is growing rapidly.Northern Test has also increased its investment in hardware equipment and professionals, and has tapped more global certification resources in the original global certification market. Peripheral communication products enter the global market and provide one-stop services locally.
At present, with the exception of a few South American countries and Asian countries, most of the national standards and testing requirements of mobile phones follow the European and North American requirements. North Test can provide professional technical assistance and efficient services for mobile phones entering the global market.

European market

Mobile phones entering the European market are compulsory certification and must meet the R & TTE 1999/5 / ec directive test standards.
Chemicals need to meet RoHS requirements
Mobile network access requirements, which must meet the requirements of GCF
R & TTE instruction overview:
RF Test 3.2 Spectrum
Safety test 3.1a Safety
EMC test 3.1b EMC
Health Test 3.1a Safety
Sound pressure test EN50332

North American market-US, Canada

FCC test standards; test content is RF, EMC, SAR, HAC test related regulations;
The authentication methods applied for mobile phones are: FCC DoC and FCC Certification (FCC ID)
Detection standards for mobile phone network access: 3GPP TS 51.010; 3GPP TS 34.121, TS34.123, etc.
Test items: RF, PROTOCOL; SIM, ACOUSTIC, etc.
Canadian IC certification:
IC-Industry Canada, Industry Canada§ IC certification is a certification for wireless products. It is similar to the FCC in testing items and certification processes, and there is also an FCB similar to the TCB. Generally, TCB has FCB qualification and can be applied at the same time as FCC.

Australian Market-Australia & New Zealand

Australian RCM certification
Since July 2012, Australia and New Zealand have successively replaced SAFETY, C-Tick, and A-Tick mark as RCM marks. With the implementation of the RCM mark, related radio communications, telecommunications, and electromagnetic compatibility requirements need to comply with relevant resolutions. . Products that have been labeled with the A-tick or C-tick will not need to change their labels after the transition period. New RCM = A-tick + C-tick + SAA (Safety)
Manufacturers affix the RCM mark to their products and must comply with AS / NZS 4417 requirements related to electrical safety.

Asian markets-China, Japan

Japan MIC certification
Japan MIC is a compulsory certification for wireless products in Japan, which is similar to domestic SRRC. It follows the Japanese radio law. The specific test specifications are in compliance with the MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) Notice No. 88 regulations, and the update and maintenance of the test specifications are also performed by the MIC.

China CCC SRRC CTA requirements

CCC-Compulsory Certification Requirements-Safety and EMC
SRRC-compulsory certification requirements-type approval
CTA-compulsory network access requirements-mobile phone or communication equipment access network

SAR & SRRC certification

North Test has a DASY5.2 test system manufactured by Speag, which fully complies with the SAR test requirements of standards IEC62209, IEEE1528, EN50360; and FCCOET-65, ANSI C63.19; and meets the HAC test specified in standard ANSI C63.19 , Obvious advantages.

SRRC certification
According to the "Administrative Regulations on Imported Radio Transmission Equipment" and "Administrative Regulations on Production of Radio Transmission Equipment", in order to strengthen the management of imported and production radio transmission equipment, any radio transmission equipment exported to the People's Republic of China or within the territory of the People's Republic of China All radio transmission equipment produced (including trial production) must hold a Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval Certificate issued by the State Radio Regulation Committee and SRRC after the type approval of its transmission characteristics. The type approval code must be marked on the label of the factory equipment.

JATE access

All products with 2G / 3G / 4G communication functions need to apply for JATE

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