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Chile SEC certification

Chile SEC certification profile

Chile's Superintendencia de Electricidady Combustibles (SEC) is Chile's national agency for the regulation of electrical products. The Chilean national agency SEC (Superintendence of Electricity and Combustible Fuels) passes safety and energy efficiency regulations, and uses accredited laboratories and certification agencies to control the entry of electricity, gasoline, and fuel products into the Chilean market. Before the products are sold to the Chilean market, they must pass one of the certification modes (there are many certification modes, and the following will introduce the first, second, and sixth three certification modes) to obtain the certification, SEC QR code (see below), and energy efficiency certificate.


SEC certification basic information
Nature of certification: mandatory
Local testing: not required
Local Representative: Yes
Certificate validity: long-term
Certification mark: Yes

Applicable product range

Chile implements compulsory certification for some home appliances. The scope of products covered by Decree 399 is detailed in the "List of Compulsory Certification Electrical Products" published on the website of the Electrical and Combustible Supervision Commission. The "compulsory certification of electrical products" currently includes about 100 products. About 30 of them should be tested using Chilean standards. The remaining products are tested and certified according to IEC standards. In principle, the SEC directly adopts the IEC standard or the Chilean standard equivalent to the IEC. Chilean NCh standards for electrical products are based on IEC standards; certification systems for electronic products, such as consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, and information technology equipment, are still being developed.

Household and similar electrical appliances
Electric Cables
Portable heating tools and similar appliances
Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus
Hand-held motor-operated electric tools
Measuring instruments
Low tension materials
Rotating machines

Certification type

Chile SEC has 6 kinds of schemes, and the following 3 kinds are suitable for domestic:
Certification mode 1: Including formal test + subsequent evaluation of each shipment
Mode 1 process: 1 Provide at least 3 samples for testing and obtain the approval certificate and SEC QR code. After obtaining the approval certificate, the product must be affixed with the SEC QR code.
2 After the approval certificate is issued, the client / applicant must inform us of each shipment to Chile
3 We will take a certain number of samples after each batch of goods arrive at the port and do the necessary tests. Products that pass the test can be put on the market

Certification mode 2: Including formal test + factory inspection + semi-annual product evaluation test + semi-annual market inspection
Mode 2 process:
1 Provide at least 3 samples for testing and obtain the approval certificate and SEC QR code. After obtaining the approval certificate, the product must be affixed with the SEC QR code.
2 After the accreditation certificate is issued, it will be sampled and tested from the market every six months (sampled by Chile laboratory institutions in Chile), and sampled and tested from the factory every six months.
3 Carry out the annual factory inspection once a year (the certificate is valid for a long time, as long as the factory inspection and sampling are accepted)

Certification mode 6: Recognition of foreign certification + supervision of each shipment
Mode 6 process:
1 The importer must submit the Chilean SEC first, and the product has obtained the certification (such as GS VDE TUV mark UL, etc.)!
Please note that the foreign certification that can be recognized must be issued by a foreign certification authority recognized by the IAF member or the signatory country, and the certificate can be found on the website of the certification authority.
2 The importer informs us of the arrival of the imported goods, and we will arrange sampling and simplify testing and obtain an approval certificate.

Application materials

1. Application form
2.General contract
3. Trademark, model and country of origin information
4. Instruction manual, circuit diagram, structure diagram, key parts list, nameplate
5. Define whether the product is a one-time product. If after-sales service is required, the following information must be provided: contact information of the Chilean legal representative and VAT information and a letter of authorization from the manufacturer as the technical service provider
6. Instruction manual, installation, operation and maintenance manual (Spanish)
7.Quantity of each shipment
8. Customs declaration (after the goods arrive at the port)
9. Local sales point in Chile (for market supervision)

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