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Battery UN38.3 certification

UN38.3 certification introduction

UN38.3 refers to section 38.3 of the Manual of Tests and Criteria on lithium battery testing prepared by the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.
UN38.3 is a battery safety performance test report. It conducts a full set of safety performance tests on various types of batteries in accordance with various domestic and foreign standards, ensuring product quality and safety for battery manufacturers, and meeting export standards to improve export capabilities.
1) UN38.3 test is a compulsory test adopted to ensure that lithium batteries can be safely carried out by air and sea.

2) The General Administration of Civil Aviation issued the "Lithium Battery Air Transport Specification" to all air transport companies, which clearly requires that lithium batteries must be tested by a CNAS-accredited laboratory before air and sea transportation. Lithium batteries can only be accepted for shipment on the premise of UN38.3 conformity report and shipping certification.

UN38.3 certified product range

UN38.3 mainly targets battery products, such as: lithium-ion batteries (such as mobile phone batteries, notebook batteries, digital product batteries, etc.), lithium metal batteries (such as iron-lithium batteries, button batteries), nickel-metal hydride / nickel-cadmium batteries, Alkaline batteries, large lithium power batteries, lead-acid batteries, other types of chemical batteries and batteries.

Lithium battery UN38.3 certification test application information

1. Fill in the application form
2. Fill in the power of attorney, lithium battery transportation statement and random documents
3. Battery Specification
4. Packing picture (outer packing picture, open outer packing picture, inner packing picture)
5. Test samples (need to have the product's capacity, watt-hour, voltage and other parameters printed on it)
6, battery specifications

UN38.3 test project

1.Altitude simulation
2.Temperature test
4. Impact
5.External short circuit
6, impact or squeeze
8, forced discharge
9.Drop test report

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