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USB-IF certification

USB-IF certification introduction


USB-是英文UniversalSerialBUS(通用串行总线)的缩写,而其中文简称为“通串线”;支持设备的即插即用和热插拔功能。USB是在1994年由Intel、NEC、Compaq、DEC、IBM(、Microsoft、NorthernTelecom多家公司联合提出制定的,并于1994年11月11日发表了USBV0.7版本,到现在已经发展为3.1版本。USB具有传输速度快,使用方便,支持热插拔,连接灵活,独立供电等优点;而USB认证又叫USB-IF认证,它就是USB ImplementersForum(USB-IF)推行的一个自愿性的标志性认证。

USB Standard Type

USB2.0 standard types: USB A male, A female; USB B male, B female; Mini USB male and female; Micro USB male and female;
USB3.0 standard types: USB A male, A female; USB B male, B female; Micro USB male and female;
USB3.1 standard type: Type C male, Type C female;
USB2.0 standard types: USB A to B, USB to MiniB, USB A to MicroB
USB 3.0 standard types: USB A to A, USB to B, USB A to MicroB
USB3.1 Standard Type: Type C to Type C


USB-IF certification test content

The certification tests for USB peripheral devices can be divided into three categories. The first is electrical characteristics testing to verify the signal quality of the product under different application architectures. This is followed by a functional test to check higher-level product details, such as the level of support required by the standard and device enumeration capabilities. Finally, the product interoperability test is used to determine the interaction between the product under test and other USB devices.


Why USB certification

USB certification is generally based on client requirements. Generally, USB functions used on high-end products must apply for USB certification. After USB products apply for association certification, they can use the USB logo and obtain the TID number of the USB product. For USB products to use this logo and have a TID number, they must first apply to the USB Association to become their members, and they can only apply for component certification after having membership.

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