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Automotive material testing

Beitest provides professional automotive material testing services. It provides comprehensive testing around the physical and chemical properties and the presence or absence of hazardous substance limits for automotive interior and exterior decorative accessories such as automotive metal materials, polymer materials, and composite materials to help you improve your vehicle's performance. All aspects of performance.

Testing services

Automotive metal material testing
The excellent quality of metal materials is an important guarantee for the safe operation of automobiles. Beitest Testing is committed to all-round testing of metal materials and escorted for safe travel, including tensile tests, chemical composition analysis, hardness tests, metallographic examinations, bending tests, Impact test, port analysis, dimensional measurement.
Automotive foam fabric testing
Testing of automotive soft covering materials includes various physical properties and reliability tests of leather and textiles and their finished products. Test products: seat cover, seat foam, instrument panel skin, door panel skin, ceiling, carpet, soundproof cotton tape. Test items: Folding fastness, abrasion resistance, Martindale abrasion, softness, breathability, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, compression fatigue, low temperature flexibility, high temperature cooking.
Automotive polymer material testing
Automobile high-scoring materials test content includes the mechanical performance test, thermal performance test, aging performance test, component analysis, abrasion performance test, combustion performance test of plastic and rubber raw materials and their finished products.
Automotive ELV test
This test mainly tests lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers on vehicles, parts, and raw materials according to EU ELV Directive 2000/53 / EC or national standard GB / T 30512; Other regulations, such as REACH, test related harmful substances, such as asbestos and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, to help build a green automotive industry chain.
Automotive VOC test
Automotive VOC testing mainly conducts comprehensive VOC tests on complete vehicles, assemblies, and materials to enable products to meet international, national, and corporate standards, thereby creating a green and safe riding environment. The main test items include vehicle, cabin method, bag method, odor, atomization, formaldehyde, total carbon, VDA.278, etc. Test standards such as international standards ISO 12219 series, VDA series, DIN series.
Automotive cyclic corrosion test
The cyclic corrosion test of automobiles effectively simulates the changes in atmospheric temperature and humidity, and adds severe weather factors such as simulated rainfall and high humidity and heat, so that daily-used coatings and coated products can withstand more severe corrosion erosion in a shorter period of time. , So as to better show the experimental results and performance results that fit the user's formal use conditions
Electromagnetic compatibility testing of automotive electronics
Through testing the electromagnetic compatibility parameters of more than 50 kinds of automotive electronic components such as automotive meters, air-conditioning controllers, car audio, navigation infotainment systems, body control modules, various types of lights, motors, etc., to ensure the Minimal interference.
Automotive coating plating material testing
Testing of automotive coatings and electroplating materials, including various surface properties and reliability tests of trim strips, painted parts and electroplated parts, for door panels, interior and exterior trim strips, interior and exterior trim frames, bumpers, deflectors, coating thickness-ISO 2808, Film Adhesion-ISO 2409, Linear Wear-ISO 105 X12, Scratch Resistance-ISO 1518-1, Crushed Stone Impact, Light-SAE J2412, Pencil Hardness-ISO 15184.
Automotive interior and exterior trim testing
Automotive interior and exterior trim testing includes automotive interior and exterior trim environmental reliability tests, vehicle size, appearance, gray label, and vibration reliability tests. Including car dashboard, center console, steering wheel, car door interior parts assembly, car roof, car seats, trunk, front and rear plastic (metal) bumpers, door handles, hood, wiper, car lights , Anti-scratch strips, etc.

Test items

Environmental reliability test, banned substance test, electrical performance test, functional test, EMC test, material test, functional durability test, green environmental protection test and chemical regulations compliance service items;
Routine performance testing: hardness, tensile properties, impact properties, resilience, haze, tear strength, tear strength, brittle temperature, low temperature retraction, tensile stress relaxation (creep), hydraulic test, pulse test, etc. Wait;
Conventional items: hardness, tensile properties, impact properties, resilience, haze, tear strength, tear strength, brittle temperature, low temperature retraction, tensile stress relaxation (creep), hydraulic test, pulse test, etc .;
Prohibited substances detection: Asbestos: (a) chrysotile asbestos (b) iron asbestos (c) crocidolite (d) amphibole (e) tremolite (f) apatite lead and its compounds, cadmium and its compounds, mercury And its compounds, hexavalent chromium compounds, polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP), dibutyl phthalate (DBP), diphthalate (2-ethyl) hexyl ester (DEHP), diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP);
Reliability test: bending fatigue, high temperature test, low temperature test, hot air aging, ozone aging resistance, high and low temperature impact, ultraviolet aging, xenon lamp aging, carbon arc lamp aging, salt spray test, temperature and humidity test, vibration test, accelerated life Test, fatigue test, light aging test, etc .;
Electrical properties: resistivity, surface electrostatic voltage, pyroelectricity, dielectric properties, dielectric loss, breakdown voltage, electrical strength, etc .;
Thermal performance test: glass transition temperature, melting index, Vicat softening point, low temperature embrittlement temperature, melting point, thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, etc .;
Burning performance: fire retardant, vertical burning, smoke density, burning rate, effective burning heat value, total smoke release, etc .;
Environmental testing: heavy metal content, VOC directive, RoHS directive, REACH, ELV, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other toxic and hazardous substances;
Automobile fuel-saving products: chassis dynamometer test, automobile constant speed fuel consumption comparison test, gasoline vehicle exhaust pollutant comparison test, drive wheel output power comparison test, engine bench test, gasoline engine load characteristic comparison test, gasoline engine Total power comparison test, gasoline engine exhaust pollutant comparison test, GB / T 14951, GB / T 18276.

Testing standards

National standards, European standards, American standards, testing standards of major OEMs.

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