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Smart Bluetooth Speaker / Ring Detection Certification

Basic introduction

The new competition of smart speakers has begun slowly. In addition to volume growth in the future, the entire industry has also begun to enter a new stage of industrial ecological construction. From a longer-term perspective, whether it is ecologically open or closed, whether the industrial upgrade is fast or slow, how much ecological circle and social value can be created by consumers is more worth looking forward to.
Smart speaker refers to the built-in Bluetooth chip, which replaces the traditional wire-connected audio equipment with Bluetooth connection, and achieves the purpose of convenience and speed by connecting with Bluetooth playback devices such as mobile phones, tablets and notebooks. Bluetooth speaker test report into Tmall's test requirements: The product quality inspection report can comprehensively and objectively reflect the product quality information, and is generally completed by a third-party professional inspection agency independent of the supply and demand sides. Third-party professional inspection agencies are relatively independent and impartial, and are qualified to issue fair data (test reports) to the community. The inspection report made by the production company on the products it produces is called the party (supplier) inspection report. Due to the related interests, it is not qualified to issue fair data to the society.

Smart Bluetooth Speaker Detection Project

In addition to the conventional evaluation of wireless Bluetooth speakers, for consumers, the more important thing is the performance of wireless Bluetooth speakers. This part of the test is mainly judged by detailed scores. The test items are also multi-faceted. It is closely related to the daily experience of users.
First, compatibility evaluation. We will choose mainstream front-end platforms: PC, Android, iOS, Windows Phone7 to perform pairing tests on each mobile Bluetooth speaker, first to see if it can be successful, and second to see the complicated process of pairing. Look at the number of functions implemented by mobile Bluetooth speakers.
Second, the transmission distance test. We will simulate the test with and without physical barriers. The physical barriers are mainly doors and walls, and the wireless transmission capabilities of each participating product are compared horizontally.
Third, the anti-interference ability test. Simulate the actual use environment of the user, and test more complex scenarios of radio signals, such as whether the router, other 2.4G devices, and Bluetooth devices can successfully connect in the environment.
Fourth, battery life test. We will first find a decibel number of commonly used volume, so that the volume level of each participating product reaches a uniform decibel number for continuous and uninterrupted battery life test to test its true battery life.
Fifth, subjective listening test (call quality and music playback quality). Due to the special functionality of the mobile Bluetooth speaker, we will measure it according to the standard of normal sound quality, and consider the distortion, resolution, low frequency and other aspects to obtain a true sound quality score. In addition, we will compare the call quality of Bluetooth audio.

Smart Bluetooth Speaker Certification Project

Smart Bluetooth speaker detection certification process

1. Extraction information (instructions, specifications, etc.)
2. Confirm the testing purpose and project requirements
3. Fill in the test application form (including company information and product necessary information)
4, as required and send samples
5. After receiving the sample, arrange the cost to conduct the sample test
6.Detect relevant data and write a draft report to confirm whether the information is correct
7. After the confirmation is completed, a seal is issued and a formal report is issued.
8. Send the original report and send it

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