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Color fastness test

Basic introduction

Color fastness is also called dyeing fastness. It is generally used in textile testing. The material is discolored by external forces such as washing and sweat during use. Beitest has an independent textile testing laboratory that can test all types of color fastness.
After testing the color fastness of the textiles, the degree of discoloration was evaluated. The light fastness was eight grades, and the remaining five grades. The higher the number, the better the color fastness. Generally choose which type of color fastness to test according to the use of the product, such as knitted underwear to test sweat fastness, outdoor textiles to test weather fastness.
The full name of the color fastness test is SW-12A washing fastness tester, which is used for washing fastness, dry cleaning and shrink resistance of cotton, wool, silk, linen, chemical fiber and other textiles. It can also be used to check the resistance of dyes. Test of color fastness performance.

Color fastness test range

Polyester, knitted underwear, leather, nylon, nylon, jeans, silk, cotton, towels, zippers, acrylic, canvas, etc.
Used for cotton, wool, silk, linen, chemical fiber and other textiles for washing fastness, dry cleaning, and color fastness resistance. It can also be used to test the dye fastness performance.

Color fastness test items

1.Washing fastness
2.Rubbing / Crocking
4. Dry cleaning color fastness
5, color fastness to light
6, color fastness to water
7, Bleaching white fastness
8.Sea-water color fastness
9. Hot pressing color fastness

Color fastness test detection standard

1GB / T 250-2008 Gray sample card for evaluating color fastness of textiles
2GB / T 251-2008 Gray sample card for textile color fastness test
3GB / T420-2009 Textile color fastness test Pigment printing and dyeing textiles
4GB / T730-2008 Textile Color Fastness Test Blue Wool Standard (1 ~ 7) Grade Quality Control
5GB / T 3920-2008 Textile color fastness test
6GB / T 3921-2008 Textile color fastness test
7GB / T 3922-2013 Textile color fastness test

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