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Mechanical Product Testing and Certification Solution

Basic introduction

The North Test Group is accredited as a testing and certification body approved by the European Commission. Beitest has many domestic and foreign senior industry experts. They have many years of practical experience in domestic and foreign certification activities. They are familiar with the requirements of various EU directives, national laws and regulations and harmonized standards.

CE marking requirements

CE marking is a prerequisite for most products to enter the EU market. It is one of the important measures adopted by EU countries to establish a single European market. Regardless of the origin of the product, the CE mark must be attached as long as it is sold and delivered in the European Union. According to the European Community's Rome Treaty of 1957 and the Treaty of Amsterdam of 1998, all EU member states should allow CE products to be allowed to enter their markets without any additional requirements. So far, CE marking requirements have covered 34 countries and regions.


If an enterprise needs to put the CE mark on its products, the products should meet the requirements of all relevant directives. Among the EU directives currently in force, the Machinery Directive, Outdoor Noise Directive, Pressure Equipment Directive, Low Voltage Directive, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive, and Communication Terminal Directive cover most products exported from China. So far, the scope of qualifications obtained by North Test is as follows:
Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC
Pressure Equipment Directive 1997/23 / EC
Low Voltage Directive 2006/95 / EC
EMC Directive 2004/108 / EC
Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14 / EC
Communication Terminal Directive 1999/5 / EC
Beitest is a domestic certification body that has the full scope of certification of Appendix IV of the Machinery Directive. The certification modes we can provide include type approval mode and comprehensive quality control mode.

Service area

According to the characteristics of CE certification and the current development trend of domestic export products, combined with the needs of our customers, we wholeheartedly provide the following services to customers in various industries:
1. Certification services
2. Training
3. Inspection and testing
4. Document review
5. Factory acceptance
6. Factory audit

Product Range

The range of products we serve includes, but is not limited to:

Metal processing machinery manufacturing
Lifting equipment
Ovens, furnaces and electric furnaces
Boiler and prime mover manufacturing
Pumps, compressors and similar machinery
Fans, scales, packaging equipment
Manufacturing of special equipment for mining, metallurgy and construction
Special equipment for the textile, clothing and leather industry
Chemical, wood, non-metal processing equipment
Electrical and electronic machinery
Special equipment for food, beverage, tobacco and feed production
Agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing machinery
Special equipment for printing, pharmaceutical and daily chemical production
Other special equipment for environmental protection and social public safety

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