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Battery EN62133 certification

EN62133 battery certification profile

In March 2013, CENELEC, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization, officially released the EN 62133: 2013 edition for battery safety standards. This standard is mainly for the safety requirements of single cells and batteries containing alkaline or non-acid electrolytes and portable sealed single cells and batteries. The new standard will replace the first edition of EN62133: 2003 issued in 2003. At the same time, the European Electrotechnical Standardization Commission also specified the expiration date of the old version of EN 62133. According to the requirements, the version of EN 62133: 2003 will be officially withdrawn on January 10, 2016. Micro-testing reminds major battery manufacturers and battery product manufacturers to pay attention to the introduction of the new version of EN 62133: 2013 as soon as possible, so as not to affect the export of battery products to Europe in the future.
 Electrical products entering the EU (such as mobile phones, tablets, electric toys, power tools, etc.) need to meet the requirements of the European Union's new method directive and be affixed with the CE mark. As the accessories of many end products (such as mobile phones, electric toys, tablets, etc.), the safety of batteries needs to be considered in conjunction with these end products. Therefore, many end product customers require the most parts for their own product safety. It is good to affix the CE mark so that its products can better meet the requirements of relevant directives.
Therefore, if the battery products of exporting enterprises can meet the requirements of the EN62133 standard and be affixed with the CE mark, it will enhance the competitiveness of their products in the market and strive for a larger market for the enterprises.

EN62133 battery and battery test items

Cell: continuous low-rate charging, vibration, temperature cycling, external short circuit, drop, shock (collision), thermal misuse (thermal shock), squeeze, low pressure, overcharge, forced discharge, high rate charge protection Function (lithium system), labeling and packaging, incorrect installation (nickel system).
Battery: Vibration, shell stress at high temperature, temperature cycling, external short circuit, drop, impact (collision), labeling and packaging, overcharge (nickel system).

EN62133 test content

Vibration test
High temperature impact test
Temperature cycling test
Short-circuit test
Free fall test
Cell squeeze
Forced discharge
Transport test
Heat abuse test

EN62133 process

1. Sign the contract
2. Pay the first paragraph, provide information and samples
4.If it fails, re-send the test
5.Test report

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