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Rubber sheet inspection

Basic introduction

Professional, accurate and comprehensive rubber sheet testing services. Rubber sheets of different materials and uses can get strong testing technical support from Beitest. Get authoritative reports to improve production performance, identify product quality, analyze product problems, and help You better win the competition.

Testing services

Rubber sheet inspection
Pure rubber sheet, styrene-butadiene rubber sheet, silicone rubber sheet, cold-resistant heat-resistant rubber sheet, heat-resistant rubber sheet, acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet, insulating rubber sheet, flooring, synthetic rubber sheet, non-slip rubber sheet, radiation-resistant rubber sheet, food grade Rubber sheet, antistatic rubber sheet, insulating rubber sheet, silicone rubber sheet, white fluororubber sheet, high tear-resistant silicone sheet, striped rubber sheet, dot rubber sheet, cloth-surfaced rubber sheet, oil-resistant rubber sheet, etc.
Rubber sheet inspection
Metal mesh rubber sheet, acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet, damping rubber sheet, cold and heat resistant rubber sheet, waterproof membrane, flame retardant rubber sheet, non-slip rubber mat, fitness mat, aisle board, fluorine rubber sheet, EPDM rubber sheet Nitrile rubber sheet, neoprene, chlorohydrin rubber sheet, butyl rubber sheet, natural rubber sheet, printed rubber sheet, styrene-butadiene rubber sheet, conductive rubber sheet, lettering rubber sheet, insulated aisle sheet, food rubber sheet, etc.

Test items

Mechanical properties: hardness, tensile properties, tear properties, compressive properties, bending properties, impact properties, friction properties, fatigue resistance, friction coefficient and abrasion properties, tensile shear strength, peel strength, tear strength, rubber and Single steel wire bonding strength, vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber and fabric bonding strength, etc.
Combustion performance: vertical combustion, horizontal combustion, smoke density, limiting oxygen index, flame spread rate, etc.
Electrical properties: surface resistance, surface resistivity, volume resistance, volume resistivity, breakdown voltage, dielectric strength, dielectric loss, electrostatic performance, etc.
Weather resistance test: aging test (ultraviolet, xenon lamp, carbon arc lamp, ozone), liquid resistance test, hot and cold shock, etc.

Testing standards

GB / T 5574 industrial rubber sheet
GB / T 528 Determination of tensile properties of vulcanized rubber sheet and thermoplastic rubber sheet
GB / T 1690 Test method for liquid resistance of vulcanized rubber sheet
GB / T 3512 Hot air aging test method for rubber sheet
GB / T 7759 Determination of permanent deformation and compression deformation of vulcanized rubber sheet under constant temperature and normal temperature.
GB / T 7762 Vulcanized rubber board ozone resistance test Static tensile test method.
GB 11176 electrical insulating rubber sheet
HG / T 2180 Natural vulcanized rubber sheet for phosphoric acid tank lining

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