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E-MARK certification

E-MARK certification profile

About E-MARK certification E-Mark is the European Common Market. For automobiles, motorcycles and their safety parts and components, noise and exhaust gas, they must comply with the requirements of the European Union and the European Economic Commission. Certificate of conformity to ensure safety and environmental protection requirements. E-Marks have different numbers depending on the certification country. For example, when applying for Luxembourg, the E-Mark mark is E13 / e13.

E-Mark logo

E mark
National certificates are numbered accordingly:
E1—Germany E2—France E3—Italy E4—Netherlands E5—Sweden
E6—Belgium E7—Hungary E8—Czech Republic E9—Spain E10—Yugoslavia
E11—UK E12—Austria E13—Luxembourg E14—Switzerland E16—Norway
E17—Finland E18—Denmark E19—Romania E20—Poland E21—Portugal
E22—Russia E23—Greece E25—Croatia E26—Slovenia
E27—Slovakia E28—Belarus E29—Estonia E31—Bosnia and Herzegovina
E37—Turkey E57—San Marino

e logo
It is a certification mark for the entire vehicle, safety parts and systems used by member states of the European Commission in accordance with EU directives. The testing agency must be a technical service agency within the EU member states, and the certification authority is the transport department of the EU member state government. Products certified by the e mark will be recognized by all EU member states. As with the E mark certification, the certificates of each member country are numbered accordingly:
e1—Germany e2—France e3—Italy e4—Netherlands e5—Sweden
e6—Belgium e9—Spain e11—UK e12—Austria e13—Luxembourg
e17—Finland e18—Denmark e21—Portugal e23—Greece e24—Ireland

Applicable product range

1. Complete vehicle-that is, two or more than three wheels of motor-driven vehicles, such as passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses and vehicles off the road.
2. Auto and motorcycle parts and components—lights and bulbs, various sight glasses, tires, wheels, brakes, horns, anti-theft devices, safety belts,
Automotive glass and exhaust pipes.
3. Automobile and motorcycle accessories—safety helmets, child safety chairs, and electrical accessories in cars.

Application process

1. The manufacturer prepares technical data and samples;
2. Test;
3. Factory inspection is required for the first application; (In principle, manufacturers who have obtained ISO9000 and other quality system certificates issued by EU certification bodies do not need to do factory inspection);
4. Submit the test report and manufacturer's technical information for review;
5. Certificates issued by European transportation authorities (certificate issuing organizations may make regular or irregular follow-up inspections of certified product manufacturers).

Application materials

A01 New Client Information Form (Applicants apply for E / e4 for the first time, 8 otherwise do not fill out)
A02 Primary Review Form (Applicants apply for E / e4,8 for the first time, otherwise do not fill in)
A03 The contract signed between the applicant and the manufacturer (the manufacturer and the applicant need to fill in different, otherwise it is not required)
A04 Power of Attorney (Required)
A05 Application Form (Required)
A06 Declaration of Product Consistency (There are multiple models to be filled in, otherwise they are not required)
A07 Trademark Instruction Manual (Required for applicants to use a brand other than their own, otherwise not required)
A08 Subsidiary declared (subsidiary relationship required)
A09 Agent Letter (Required)
A10 Manufacturer ISO certificate (if no ISO certificate, factory inspection is required)

A11 Applicant Business License

Certificate information


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