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Philippines ICC Certification

Introduction to ICC certification in the Philippines

Philippine ICC certification was issued on August 17, 2007 by the Philippine Ministry of Trade and Industry's Product Standards Bureau (BPS). The 2007 series of Ministry of Trade and Industry issued an administrative order on mandatory Philippine national standards for audio, video and similar appliances.

The ICC system applies to imported goods. For imported products that are covered by the mandatory Philippine National Standards (PNS), after the imported goods are evaluated by the Philippine Product Standards Bureau (BPS) to meet the corresponding Philippine national standards or internationally accepted foreign standards, BPS will give The importer issued an ICC license, allowing them to apply the ICC mark. Imported products are subject to sampling testing. In addition, the Philippine Ocean will conduct random market inspections to ensure that imported products meet the corresponding PS standards.


The need for ICC certification

Benefits to manufacturers
a. Enhance the competitiveness of products in domestic and international markets;
b. Improve business sales and increase revenue.

2. Benefits to traders
a. Improve the reputation of traders who will be seen as a source of high quality products;
b. Attract buyers who focus on product quality;
c. Increase buyer's confidence in the product and increase sales.

Applicable product range

The Philippines has compulsory certification for 85 product series that have an impact on health and life safety and have a negative impact on the environment during use, including: electrical equipment / products, household appliances, building materials, safety matches, fire extinguishers, automobiles, petroleum products, gas Sol and so on.

ICC mandatory certification list
1. Household appliances (air conditioners, electric fans, submerged water heaters, kitchen appliances (mixers, eggbeaters, etc.) refrigerators, washing machines, etc.)
2. Lamps and related products (fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, lamp holders, Christmas lights / light strings, starters, etc.)
3. Wiring device (circuit breaker, metal wire junction box, plug and socket, PVC tape, switch)
4. Wires and cables (PVC flexible wires, thermoplastic wires and cables)
5. Machinery / building materials (cement, steel pipes, tiles, iron sheets, flat glass, water pipes, fittings, urinals, bathtubs, water tanks, washbasins, wire)
6. Chemicals and other products (fire extinguishers, lighters, single chairs / stools, brake fluid, gas stoves, vehicle inner tubes, lead-acid batteries, matches, seat belts (seat belts) (windshields, rear lights, side seats, Car tires)

Application process

1. Submit application
2. Institutional review of material documents
3.Sampling test
4. Sample test passed, method ICC certificate

Certificate information


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