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Sweep / mopping robot inspection certification

Basic introduction

The sweeper is a sweeping robot. In the near future, it will become an essential cleaning helper for every family like white goods. The product will also develop from primary intelligence to a higher degree of intelligence, gradually replacing manual cleaning.
With the continuous improvement of China's domestic living standards, sweeping robots that had been sold in the European and American markets have entered ordinary people's homes, and have been accepted by more and more people. But ordinary consumers are paying more and more attention to the safety and quality of sweeping robots, and sweeping robots must pass the inspection and certification of relevant national authorities to enter the market.

Cleaning robot detection standard

First, the cleaning robot detection standards: reference standard for cleaning robot detection:
1. Meet the "3C certification requirements, CNCA-01C-016: 2010" Implementation Rules for Compulsory Certification of Electrical and Electronic Products-Household and Similar Use Equipment ";
2. GB4706.1-2005 "Safety of household and similar electrical appliances-Part 1: General requirements";
3. GB4706.7-2004 "Safety of household and similar electrical appliances-Part 2: Special requirements for vacuum cleaners and suction cleaners";
4. GB / T26125-2011 "Detection methods of six restricted substances in electronic and electrical products";
5. GBT22084.1-2008 accumulators and accumulator batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes—portable sealed single accumulators—Part 1: Cadmium-nickel batteries;
6. GBT22084.2-2008 accumulators and accumulators containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes—portable sealed single accumulators—Part 2: Nickel metal hydride batteries;
7, GBT18287-2013 general specifications for lithium-ion batteries and battery packs for mobile phones.
The quality inspection items of the sweeping robot include:
1. Signs and instructions
2. Protection against touching live parts
3. Input power and current
4. Leakage current and electrical strength at operating temperature
5. Resistance to moisture, heat and flame
6. Leakage current and electrical strength
7 Structure
8. Power connection and external flexible cord
9. Grounding measures
10. Clearance, creepage distance and solid insulation
12. Battery capacity

Information required for cleaning robot detection

2. Packaging statement
3. A complete set of circuit diagrams: including circuit schematics and electrical connection diagrams (size 4A)
4. Product instruction manual
5. Product parts list
6. Product three-dimensional assembly drawing (structure drawing), main component structure drawing (size 4A)
7. Product Business Card
8. Some other product descriptions
Cleaning process of sweeping robot quality inspection report
1. Initiate a test application to Beitest on the Internet, then fill out the corresponding application form, and fill in the type and number of the cleaning robot
2. Negotiate the cleaning robot inspection project, cycle and cost, etc.
3. After the negotiation is completed, send the sample directly to the North Testing and Testing Laboratory
4. Our company starts testing and then issues electronic reports to customers for verification
5.Verification is correct, issue paper report and send to customer

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