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Paper detection

Basic introduction

Beitest provides professional paper testing services, and provides authoritative third-party testing reports for various types of paper products, based on a variety of subdivided testing standards and based on domestic and foreign testing standards.

Testing services

Tissue paper inspection
Coated paper, printing paper, carbon paper, etc.
Packaging paper inspection
Cellophane, kraft paper, corrugated boxes, etc.
Household paper inspection
Toilet paper, diapers, napkins, paper towels, etc.
Industrial paper inspection
Kraft cardboard, corrugated core paper, coated white cardboard, gray cardboard, etc.

Test items

Whiteness, smoothness, gloss, softness, dustiness, pH, leakage performance, tensile strength, interlayer bonding strength, lateral liquid absorption height, tearing degree

Testing standards

GB / T 6543-2008 corrugated box
GB / T 450 Paper and paperboard
GB / T 10739 Standard atmospheric conditions for the processing and testing of paper, paperboard and pulp samples
GB / T 23979.2-2009 Fluorescent brighteners-Determination of whitening intensity and shade
GB / T 7973 Determination of diffuse reflectance of paper, paperboard and pulp
GB / T 7974 Determination of brightness (whiteness) of paper, paperboard and pulp

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