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South Africa ICASA certification

Introduction to South Africa ICASA Certification

South Africa ’s independent communications authority (ICASA, the regulatory body for South Africa ’s national broadcast communications and postal services, all wireless products must obtain ICASA certification before entering the South African market. For wireless communication equipment exported to the South African market, the South African Independent Communications Authority (Independent) The Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) applies for model certification and can only be sold after being approved. This is also equivalent to the domestic network type approval application for South Africa ICASA certification. It should be noted that ICASA certification can only be issued to a local registered company or representative in South Africa Institutions, so domestic manufacturers applying for ICASA is best done by local importers, but testing can be completed in China.


Applicable product range

ICASA certification has requirements for product technology and functions as well as equipment safety and electromagnetic compatibility. It is mainly applicable to the following products:
Large telecommunications system;
Telecommunications network equipment;
Radio paging equipment
Digital Enhanced Wireless Telecommunications (DECT) equipment;
Telecommunications systems (GSM and DCS);
Terrestrial sound broadcasting service signal transmitter;
Commercial amateur wireless equipment;
Cellular mobile phones and portable wireless devices;
ADSL transceiver;
Marine radio equipment and services;
Point-to-point digital fixed wireless system;
Cordless telephone equipment.

Application process

1. Prepare documents to be submitted, including application form, declaration of conformity, customs clearance letter (LOA)
2. Contact the local office in South Africa;
3. Submit a license application form to ICASA;
4. Delivery of certification fees;
5. Obtain a type certification certificate.

Certification phase
The type approval and liensing process consists of the following three phases:
Certification consists of the following three phases:
1.Testing of the performance in accordance with the applicable technical standards
2. Testing of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)-both emission and immunity measurements ?? EMC test-EMI and EMS
Testing of safety
Provisonal Type Approcal- Use of Equipment for Trial, Demonstration or research purpose on non-commercial basis
Prerequisites for type certification-use of test equipment, demonstration or research based on non-commercial purposes.

Application materials

The following information and documents must be submitted with the application for type approval:
1. Product photo 2 color pictures (copying is not accepted,
2. Function description of the device, at least in the form of a block diagram
3.Operating guide or instruction manual
4. RF + Security + EMC Report: in PDF format or copy text or CD and other copy forms;
5. Approved and stamped by the testing organization with a circuit diagram, highlighting all amendments.

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