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Baby carriage safety test

Basic introduction

With the improvement of living standards, the market demand for baby carriages is increasing. Because these products are mainly targeted at infants and young children with low ability, their safety has attracted much attention. Many countries have categorized the nature of use of such products, and have established specific standards for safety control.

Chinese standard

American standard

EU standards

Australia / New Zealand-AS / NZS2088

This standard applies to wheeled strollers for carrying infants or children.
1.1 size
1.2 Materials
1.3 Parts in contact with children's head
1.4 pipe end opening
1.5 reversible push handle
1.6 pedal
1.7 Removable parts
1.8 parking device
1.9 Locking device
1.10 Seat reservation
1.11 Head Obstruction
1.12 Ankle opening
1.13 Seat and back surface
1.14 Durability
1.15 protrusion
1.16 Dangerous sharp edges
1.17 Dangerous Tip
1.18 Hazard gaps, openings
1.19 parking device
1.20 Stability
1.21 Wheel safety
1.22 Safety of Reversible Pushbar Lock
1.23 Safety of folding locking device
1.24 Security of attachment locking mechanism
1.25 Child restraint system connection
1.26 Packaging and Information Labels
1.27 logo

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