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WERCSmart registration

WERCSmart Introduction

WERCSmart is a supply chain security management system designed and developed by The WERCS company in the United States for large and medium-sized retailers. It can achieve: unified and effective management of a large supplier network and products; security evaluation of targets and existing products For easy filtering. A retail program specifically developed for retailers to quickly and easily obtain accurate compliance and sustainability data. This program provides suppliers with a safe and intuitive way to submit key product and chemical composition data needed to edit a complete set of hazard transmission data, and directly pass product registration product information to retailers. Such an authoritative review and identification process facilitates cooperation between suppliers and retailers more easily. Suppliers registered with WERCSmart are undoubtedly the ideal purchase targets for retailers.
The Wercs is a supplier of software related to green supply chain systems and chemical regulations. The software packages it provides play an important role in helping customers manage product information and communicate hazard information.
Currently, retailers that have confirmed cooperation with The Wercs include Wal-Mart, OReily, Costco, Sears / K-Mart, Rite Aid, etc., and require their suppliers to register their products on WercSmart.

Why sign up for WERCSmart

Retailers and other participants in the WERCSmart program are facing the challenges of increasingly complex federal, state, and local regulatory compliance when selling, shipping, storing, or disposing of products. The safety data sheets (SDSs) provided with the product often do not contain sufficient information to comply with these regulations. WERCSmart provides retailers and other participants with the data needed to comply with these regulations.
Currently, retailers that cooperate with WERCSmart include Wal-Mart, Amazon, Traget, O'Reilly, Costco, Sears, K-Mart, Rite Aid, etc., and require their suppliers to register their products on WercSmart.

Products for WERCSmart

工艺品Arts and Crafts;
机动车辆相关Automotive and Vehicle Related;
清洁用品 Cleaning Supplies;
电子电器产品Electronics ;
健康美容用品Health and Beauty;
家居装饰Home Improvement;
花园工具Lawn and Garden;
营养品Nutritional Supplements;  
宠物护理用品Pet Care;
运动器材Sporting Goods;  

Product categories requiring registration of WERCSmart

1. The product contains certain chemicals, is dangerous or potentially dangerous, or controls chemical composition, and downstream retailers (customers) use the Wercsmart system;
2. Registration is not required for general clothing and food, except for food in special container devices (such as sprayers or vacuum tubes);
3. Retailers require suppliers to register.

Battery WERCSmart registration

There are two modes for battery WERCSmart registration:
1. Registration of batteries not sold directly to retailers
This battery is only installed on other electronic products, and this electronic product is sold as an independent brand. This battery does not have a UPC / GTIN code. It is registered by the battery supplier to the WERCSmart system for other electronic product suppliers to use when linking battery information.
Main information requirements:
MSDS file (including model, capacity, weight, voltage, 100% ingredient list, CAS number of each ingredient, form, color, odor, transportation method, and danger protection measures, etc.)
2. Registration of batteries sold directly to retailers
This battery has a UPC / GTIN code and is registered on the WERCSmart system. The system will pass the relevant information to the subordinate retailer specified during registration.

WERCSmart registration for electronics containing batteries

Registration of electronic products that include batteries requires two steps:
1. The battery supplier first registers the battery information on the WERCSmart system and adds the battery supplier's name to the WERCS battery supplier list (if there are multiple different battery suppliers, they must be registered separately)
2. The supplier of the electronic product registers this electronic product. To select the included battery information in the step, the supplier of the battery will be found in the list and the battery information will be linked.
From this we can see that the MSDS control of electronic products containing batteries is still aimed at batteries.
Main information requirements:
MSDS file, shipping method, UPC code, packing method, weight (ounce), designated retailer name, retailer contact phone number and email, qualified supplier ID number (O'Reily, Sears / K-Mart, Wal-Mart / SAM'S CLUB required)

Registration of WERCSmart for other products

1. Products sold under retailer brands require WERCSmart to edit SDS files
2. Liquid products provide information in addition to the information contained in ordinary MSDS files, generally also provide water specific gravity, PH value, boiling point, flash point, personal protective measures (mask, gloves, apron, protective glasses), auto-ignition temperature, minimum auto-ignition energy (mJ ), Water / oil ratio, viscosity coefficient)
3. Product nameplate required for OTC and nutritional products (PDF format)

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