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Thailand NBTC certification

Thailand NBTC certification introduction

Thailand's NBTC is the abbreviation of "Committee of National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Bureau". It belongs to a typical government management department and has administrative powers. Similar to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it is also the competent authority for telecommunications products and telecommunications networks. From July 1, 2008, for telecommunications equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment, the existing mandatory specifications for mobile communication products will be expanded to wireless related products. Generally speaking, wireless products such as mobile phones exported to Thailand need to obtain Thai NBTC certification before they can be sold in the local market.
Thailand NBTC certification basic information
· Compulsory certification
Need local representatives
Do not sample
No local testing required

Thailand NBTC certified product classification
The scope of NTC control of telecommunications equipment sold in Thailand is divided into 3 groups:
Class A: Registration
Class B: Approval Certification
SDoC: Supplier ’s Declaration of Conformity

Class A Approval: The product must be tested in a laboratory designated by NTC and provided with the data required by NTC to obtain a login number and certification.

The Class B Approval certification procedure is the same as the Class A product category, except that foreign reports such as FCC, CE, CB ... can be used to apply for certification in the transfer mode, and you must also obtain a login number and certification.

SDoC Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) This part of the product certification is a voluntary model, the local representative of the customer in Thailand must complete the SDoC form and send it to NTC for inspection with technical documents.

Thailand NBTC certification label
NBTC has no specified labeling requirements.
The new draft of product certification labeling introduces NBTC's electronic labeling (E-labeling) and plans to change the NBTC label from free to charge. (All labels must be purchased from NBTC, not self-printing, costing one yuan per baht.)

Applicable product range

Thailand's NBTC certification covers specific products as follows: RF / Telecom, Mobile, Phone, Equipment Terminal or Telecom related products.

Application process

1. Provide product manual and instruction manual.
2. The customer fills out a test application form and provides product information.
3. Confirm the detection standard; arrange the bottom test.
4, customer product rectification, arrange testing.
5. Arrange a draft report after testing.
6. The customer confirms the report information, confirms OK, and issues a stamp report.
7. Key points: Apply for NBTC certification with CE report + Thai deviation.

Application materials

1.Prototype 1-2PCS,
2. Product manual, according to the instruction manual and instruction manual.
3. Adapter safety report (LVD report) EN60065 report or EN60950 report or EN62368 report.
4. List of key components; key component certificates (UL certification / ETL certification); and provide UL / ETL certificate numbers for key component model manufacturers
5. Product label and packaging picture
6, the use of ambient temperature tc ℃, can withstand the temperature ta ℃ ~.

Certificate information



Notes on Thai NBTC directive certification:
1. Normal voltage standard 220V 50Hz / 60Hz; if the plug adapter must meet the IEC60065 standard or the IEC60950 standard or the new standard IEC62368, the plug adapter must be a 220V-240V 50Hz / 60Hz European plug; if it is a desk lamp, the voltage must be 220V;
2. Label requirements: English text must include: product name, model, manufacturer, technical parameters (both 220V-240V, 230V, 240V, 230V-240V are acceptable), identifier, country of origin (made in china )
3. Outer box requirements: based on the label + energy efficiency level + ROHS detection + quantity + size.

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