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Electric Bicycle U.S. Certification

Basic introduction

Electric bicycles have a stricter market entry threshold to enter the US market, which is required to pass UL2849 safety standards. The UL2849 standard involves product safety, battery management system (BMS), software evaluation, and functional safety evaluation requirements. It also has safety standards for controllers, motors, and chargers. The promulgation and implementation of the UL2849 standard has ensured higher quality and performance of electric bicycle products, and allowed the industry to develop healthier and longer.

UL 2272 and UL 2849 are electrical system safety standards for personal electric transportation equipment, including electrical system safety standard UL 3030, together supporting the rapid transformation of personal electric transportation equipment technology worldwide. Lithium-ion battery technology is continuously being widely used in personal electric transportation equipment such as balanced cars, electric scooters (electric bicycles), electric motorcycles, and electric scooters. We must actively address the increasing safety of the electrical system of personal electric transportation equipment problem. Similarly, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones to achieve exponential growth in commercial or tactical goals will continue to rely on safe battery and electrical system technology for normal operations. Amazon, an e-commerce platform, has also made clear requirements for electric vehicle products. All lithium electric vehicle products must pass UL certification before they are allowed to be listed.
Electric bikes, electric assisted bikes (EPAC bikes), electric scooters, and electric motorcycles-UL 2849 3rd edition. Update requirements for the third edition of UL 2849 now address recent critical safety issues to support the safe use of electric bicycles (single-person electric bicycles, but may be able to accommodate passengers; electric bicycles that are usually operated while seated; may have pedals Electric bikes; usually considered off-road electric bikes) and minimizes the risk of battery fire or explosion and the danger of electric shock. Important updates include:
UL 2849 covers electric bicycles (pedal assisted electric bicycles) and electric systems for off-road use of electric motorcycles and electric scooters.
This standard addresses the danger of electric shock and potential shock hazards during charging during product life.

Electric bicycle market in the U.S.

Electric bicycles continue to grow in the US market. According to eCycleElectric's annual statistical research on the sales market of electric bicycles in the United States, in 2017 the sales of electric bicycles in the United States market reached 263,000, a new record, an increase of more than 400%. The number of companies importing electric bicycles has also increased significantly, compared to 135 companies in 2016, and increased to about 600 in 2017. More than 80% of electric bicycles are imported from China, and e-commerce channels are called important sales channels. Compared with the strong automobile culture in the United States, electric bicycles are a new type of transportation, which meets the needs of some people for convenient travel: convenient riding in hilly areas, short distance destinations, no driver's license, fuel costs and parking space.
Affected by the Sino-U.S. Trade war in 2018, Chinese electric bicycles were included in the tariff list, and Chinese-made electric bicycles were levied a 25% tariff. In 2018, China's electric vehicles were affected by Sino-US trade frictions and EU anti-dumping investigations, and exports were affected to some extent. However, from the perspective of demand, the demand for electric vehicles in the European and American markets has maintained a rapid growth in recent years.

Regulatory standards applicable to electric bicycles in the U.S.

ASTM F2264-2009a Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Non-Powered Scooters
ASTM F2641-2008 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Recreational Powered Scooters and Pocket Bikes
ASTM F2642-2008 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Safety Instructions and Labeling for Recreational Powered Scooters and Pocket Bikes
UL2272 Electrical Systems for Personal E-Mobility Devices
UL2849 Electrically Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC Bicycles), Electric Scooters, and Electric Motorcycles / Electric Bicycles (EPAC Bicycles), Electric Scooters and Electric Motorcycles.

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