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Mobile power test certification

Basic introduction

Mobile Power Pack (MPP), also called power bank, travel charger, etc., is a portable charger that integrates power supply and charging functions, and can charge digital devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Lithium batteries are generally used as energy storage units, which is convenient and quick to use.
The "Notice on Strengthening the Safety Management of Passengers Carrying Lithium Batteries for General Aviation Short-haul Passengers" issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China mentioned that all electronic devices such as mobile phones, power banks, computers, cameras, and tablets carried by passengers on short-haul passenger flights have Lithium batteries are included, and it is easy to cause smoke and fire caused by internal short circuit of lithium batteries when encountering collision, squeezing and high temperature during flight. In order to ensure the quality and safety of mobile power, mobile power needs to pass the authoritative third-party testing and certification institutions to test and verify the product quality and safety before entering the market.

Mobile power detection project

The national standard GB / T 35590-2017 stipulates the items to be tested include:

Mobile Power Certification Project

Mobile power handling inspection process

1. Provide 2 samples required for testing
2. Fill in the test application form
3.Mail samples
4. Pay the test fee
5. Schedule tests
6.Send report

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