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Singapore PSB certification

Introduction of Singapore PSB certification

The Singapore Consumer Product Protection Regulation 1991 designated the Singapore Standards, Productivity and Innovation Committee as the product safety function, responsible for licensing and registering products covered by the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Registration Scheme (CPS). Only registered products bearing the SAFETY logo can be sold in Singapore, and the relevant units responsible for selling routine goods to consumers in Singapore must register each model with the security authority. When you log in, you must confirm that this model complies with the mandatory product safety label with a certificate and test report. Currently Singapore only requires safety, while EMC is only voluntary.

Safety requirements: Under the requirements of the IEC standard, the product must also meet the tropical conditions test, and the Singapore certification must provide a local agent, and the certificate holder is also the local agent. Products can only be sold in Singapore after obtaining PSB.

Certification cycle
Routine for 3-4 weeks, can be expedited

Application process

1. Application by the enterprise
3. Sign the contract
4. Document review: Review application materials and technical documents submitted by enterprises
5, issue a certificate

Application materials

1. CB certificate and test report valid in three years (English version only)
2. Labels (only single models are accepted for PSB applications, and serial model applications are not accepted)
3, circuit diagram and layout
4. Parts Material List (BOM)
5.Architecture / drawings and parts lists
6.English manual
7, color photos, including exterior and interior (important security parts) photo files
8. Other information, details of the name, address and contact person of the importer or agent in Singapore

Certificate information



Certification considerations
1. The certificate holder is a locally registered company in Singapore;
2. No factory inspection and annual fee;
3. The certificate is valid for three years;
4. If the product is a direct plug-in power supply, the plug must meet the relevant requirements, such as European plugs must comply with EN50075, British plugs must meet BS1363 or SS246 requirements, and relevant plug test reports;
5. There is no serial application for product certification, and each certificate can only cover a single model and a trademark;
6. If you hold a valid CB certificate or report, you generally do not need to provide samples;
7. Certification standard: IEC standard + Singapore difference, or SS standard;

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